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Paper: Exoplanets Forum 2008
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 21
Authors: Traub, W. A.; Lawson, P. R.; Unwin, S. C.; Muterspaugh, M. W.; Soummer, R.; Danchi, W. C.; Hinz, P.; Gaudi, B. S.; Torres, G.; Deming, D.; Lazio, J.; Dressler, A.
Abstract: The Exoplanets Forum 2008 meeting led to a book Exoplanet Community Report with about 180 authors from the exoplanet community. This book describes eight technique-oriented methods for detecting and characterizing exoplanets, with an emphasis on space missions. The topics are astrometry, optical imaging, infrared imaging, exozodiacal disks, microlensing, radial velocity, transits, and magnetospheric emission. Several of these techniques have counterparts in proposed space mission studies carried out under the Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concept Studies (ASMCS) program in 2008-9, and the exoplanet-related Astro2010 studies in 2009. The Forum meeting, through the vehicle of its resulting book, provides a snapshot of the science and potential missions for exoplanets during this period, and as such should provide a relevant reference for several years to come.
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