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Paper: Tidal Constraints on Planetary Habitability
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 133
Authors: Barnes, R.; Jackson, B.; Greenberg, R.; Raymond, S. N.; Heller, R.
Abstract: We review how tides may impact the habitability of terrestrial-like planets. If such planets form around low-mass stars, then planets in the circumstellar habitable zone will be close enough to their host stars to experience strong tidal forces. We discuss 1) decay of semi-major axis, 2) circularization of eccentric orbits, 3) evolution toward zero obliquity, 4) fixed rotation rates (not necessarily synchronous), and 5) internal heating. We briefly describe these effects using the example of a 0.25 Msun star with a 10 Mearth companion. We suggest that the concept of a habitable zone should be modified to include the effects of tides.
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