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Paper: Designating Habitable Planets for Follow-up Study - What are the Relative Parameter Spaces of Radial Velocities and Astrometry?
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 302
Authors: Ribas, I.; Malbet, F.
Abstract: In this contribution we summarize the satellite meeting (P2 panel) held at the “Pathways towards Habitable Planets” conference about the complementarity of two techniques, namely astrometry and radial velocities, to detect telluric planets in the habitable zone of solar type stars. This question has a direct impact on the future possibility of launching a characterization mission with the aim of detecting bio-signatures of Earth-like planets. Beyond the level of instrumental noise, the main issue is how to cope with the intrinsic stellar variability due to magnetic activity (i.e., starspots).
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