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Paper: Low-mass Objects in Moving Groups
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 434
Authors: Gálvez-Ortiz, M. C.; Clarke, J. R. A.; Pinfield, D. J.; Folkes, S. L.; Jenkins, J. S.; García Pérez, A. E.; Burningham, B.; Day-Jones, A. C.; Jones, H. R. A.
Abstract: We present here the kinematic study of part of a 132 target sample of low-mass objects, previously selected by photometric and astrometric criteria as possible members to five young moving groups (MGs): Local Association (Pleiades moving group, 20 - 150 Myr), Ursa Mayor group (Sirius supercluster, 300 Myr), Hyades supercluster (600 Myr), IC 2391 supercluster (35 Myr) and Castor moving group (200 Myr). We calculated their kinematic galactic components (U,V,W) and apply simple kinematic criteria of membership. The confirmed members will provide a new and substantial population of age and metallicity benchmark ultra cool dwarfs (UCDs). This will give a valuable set to test atmosphere and evolutionary models of ages below 1 Gyr and suitable targets for use in adaptive optic (AO) imaging to search for sub-stellar companions/exoplanets.
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