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Paper: First Results from the Transit Ephemeris Refinement and Monitoring Survey (TERMS)
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 464
Authors: Kane, S. R.; Mahadevan, S.; von Braun, K.; Laughlin, G.; Howard, A.; Ciardi, D. R.
Abstract: Transiting planet discoveries have yielded a plethora of information towards understanding the structure and atmospheres of extra-solar planets. These discoveries have been restricted to the short-period or low-periastron distance regimes due to the bias inherent in the geometric transit probability. Through the refinement of planetary orbital parmaters, and hence reducing the size of transit windows, long-period planets become feasible targets for photometric follow-up. Here we describe the TERMS project which is monitoring these host stars at predicted transit times.
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