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Paper: Metallicity of M-dwarfs from NIR Spectra
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 528
Authors: Rojas-Ayala, B.; Lloyd, J. P.
Abstract: Above solar metallicity, the number of stars with planets and presence of multiple planets increases for solar-type stars (Santos et al. 2001; Fischer & Valenti 2005). M-dwarfs planet hosts known to date have shown abundances below solar metallicity when measured with optical spectra and photometry, suggesting that M-dwarfs have a planetary formation process that differs from F-, G- and K-dwarfs. This could also be due to statistics, with only few M-dwarfs with planetary candidates known, and/or the lack of reliable abundances estimates for this type of star. We present preliminary results from near-infrared spectra of M-dwarf secondaries (with a wide solar type star companion with known metallicity) obtained with the TripleSpec spectrograph operating on the Palomar 200-inch Hale Telescope.
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