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Paper: The Inner Boundary of the Habitable Zone for Earth-like Planets
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 545
Authors: Stracke, B.; Grenfell, J. L.; von Paris, P.; Patzer, A. B. C.; Rauer, H.
Abstract: The orbital region around a star where liquid water could exist on the surface of a terrestrial planet is usually defined as the Habitable Zone (HZ). We investigate the inner boundary of the HZ for different planetary scenarios with a one-dimensional radiative-convective model of the atmosphere. Our modeling approach involves the step-by-step increase of the incoming stellar flux and the subsequent iterative calculation of resulting changes in the atmospheric water vapour content and the radiative properties. Modelling results are presented for the influence of various planetary and atmospheric conditions on the inner boundary (water loss limit) of the HZs around a Sun-type star.
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