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Paper: Two G-type Solar-like Contact Binaries: GSC 0763-0572 and CW Cassippeiae
Volume: 451, 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 75
Authors: Wang, J.; Qian, S.
Abstract: We present here the multi-wavelength complete light curves of GSC 0763-0572, and new light curve of CW Cas. Comparing the V-band light curves with the others collected from the literature, we found that GSC 0763-0572 shows no obvious variable, which suggests that the activities on its components are weak and keep stable in this 6 years. Meanwhile, CW Cas shows asymmetric light curves with unequal height at two maxima, this may be caused by the dark area on the surface of the components due to their late-type nature. Additionally, we collected their all available times of light minimum and revealed the trend of their period variations.
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