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Paper: A Preliminary Photometric Study of the HW Vir-like Binary NSVS14256825
Volume: 451, 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 155
Authors: Zhu, L.; Qian, S.; Liu, L.; Liao, W. P.; He, J. J.; Li, L. J.; Zhao, E. G.; Dai, Z. B.; Zhang, J.; Li, K.
Abstract: HW Vir-like eclipsing binaries are a group of detached binary systems that consists a very hot subdwarf B (sdB) type primary and a fully convective M-type secondary with periods shorter than 4 hours. Here we report the preliminary photometric study of the HW Vir-like binary NSVS14256825 based on our four years data. By analyzing the high precise BV(IR)c light curves of NSVS14256825 with the 2003 version of Wilson-Van Hamme code, we derived the mass ratio of this binary as q=0.22. Assuming the mass of the primary component of NS14256825 is 0.46 M, the mass of its secondary component should be 0.1M(105MJup) for the fully convective star. The O-C diagram of NS14256825 is shown here and the detail analysis is in progress.
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