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Paper: Photometric Observations of the Young Cluster Variable GM Cephei
Volume: 451, 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 345
Authors: Hu, S. C.; Chen, W. P.; the Young Exoplanet Transit Initiative
Abstract: We present our photometric observations of GM Cep, a solar type variable in the young (∼4 Myr) open cluster Trumpler 37. The star is known as a classical T Tauri star with a circumstellar disk and active accretion. GM Cep was suspected to undergo an outburst, thus a candidate for an EXor-type variable. In our monitoring campaign observations in 2010–2011, GM Cep experienced a ∼0.82 mag brightness decrease in the R band lasting for 39 days, and frequent, transient flare-like episodes with amplitude la 1 mag, each lasting for about 10 days. The brightening was accompanied with a bluer color, presumably arising from increased accretion activity. Interestingly, the star also turned bluer in the fading phase. Combining the AAVSO and literature data, we found a quasi-cyclic peroid of ∼311 days for the fading event. A possible mechanism for the fading could be obscuration by a clump of dust around the star. We proposed that GM Cep therefore should be a UXor-type variable in the transition phase between grain coagulation and planetesimal formation process in the circumstellar disk.
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