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Paper: Light Curve Analysis of Eclipsing Binaries by Iteration
Volume: 451, 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 17
Authors: Kang, Y.; Ritipuuk, P.; Hong, K.
Abstract: We modified the version of October 28, 2005 of the Wilson & Devinney (1971). Differential Correction program to analyze large numbers of eclipsing binary light curves. We also added iteration routine to the version. In order to test the modified version, we analyzed light curves of two hundred eclipsing binaries discovered by OGLE in the Small Magellan Cloud. We found photometric solution of 200 eclipsing binaries successfully using the modified version with iteration routine. It takes only 20 minutes to run differential correction program for photometric solutions of two hundred eclipsing binaries.
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