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Paper: Observation and Study of the Short-Period Algol-Type Binaries
Volume: 451, 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 39
Authors: Yang, Y.; Wei, J.
Abstract: The Algol-type binaries with EA- or EB-type light curves, are semi-detached interacting binary systems. The more massive component with spectral type from \textrm{B} to \textrm{A} is a main sequence star, while the less massive secondary component is a giant or subgiant with spectral type of \textrm{F} or later-\textrm{G}. Many special phenomena and physical processes make Alogls interesting objects. Based on 434 identified Algols, the orbital periods for one-third of sample stars are less than 1fd5, which is considered as a principle for selecting the short-period Algol-type binaries. Nine sample binaries have been studied. Based on 312 eclipsing times, the period variations of AO Ser were analyzed and photometric solution of GW Gem are deduced from new BVR observations. Combining with the characteristics of orbital period changes, the short-period Algols with P<1fd5 may evolve from the semidetached configuration into the contact configuration by three possible evolutionary scenarios.
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