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Paper: Observational Studies of Type Ia Supernovae at High and Intermediate redshift
Volume: 458, Galactic Archaeology: Near-Field Cosmology and the Formation of the Milky Way
Page: 21
Authors: Doi, M.; Suzuki, N.; Supernova Cosmology Project
Abstract: It was the observations of distant type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) that revealed the expansion of the universe is now accelerating. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2011 was awarded for this discovery which implied the existence of a mysterious form of energy, dark energy. We briefly review our SNIa observations with Subaru telescope in collaboration with Supernova Cosmology Project (SCP) since 2001 and report the latest results (Suzuki et al. 2012) which doubled the number of SNIa beyond redshift z = 1. We found no obvious deviation from a flat ΛCDM model in the era when the expansion of the universe turned from deceleration to acceleration. We discuss the future prospects of high-z SNIa cosmology with Hyper Suprime-Cam.
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