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Paper: Slipher's Redshifts as Support for de Sitter's Model and the Discovery of the Dynamic Universe
Volume: 471, Origins of the Expanding Universe: 1912-1932
Page: 25
Authors: Nussbaumer, H.
Abstract: Of the first two relativistic world models, only the one by de Sitter predicted redshifted spectra from far away astronomical objects. Slipher's redshifts therefore seemed to arbitrate against Einstein's model which made no such predictions. Both models were trying to describe a static universe. However, Lemaître found that de Sitter's construct resulted in a spatially inhomogeneous universe. He then opted for a model that corresponded to Einstein's closed, curved universe but allowed the radius of curvature to change with time. Slipher's redshifts suggested to him that the universe is dynamic and expanding. We also discuss the respective merits of Friedman and Lemaître in revealing the dynamic nature of the universe.
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