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Paper: Through the Lens of History: The Unusual Circumstances Leading to the Acquisition of the Lowell Spectrograph
Volume: 471, Origins of the Expanding Universe: 1912-1932
Page: 165
Authors: Schindler, K. S.
Abstract: In 1900 Lowell Observatory assistant Andrew Douglass advised his employer Percival Lowell to purchase a state-of-the-art spectrograph from instrument\newline maker John Brashear of Pennsylvania. Lowell agreed with Douglass's suggestion, realizing that such an instrument was critical for the Observatory staff's research. However, the purchase also fulfilled a little-known obligation between Percival Lowell and Brashear that dated back to an accident occurring in 1895. If not for this unusual incident that led to the purchase of the spectrograph, the future of Lowell Observatory and, on a larger scale, unmasking of the nature of the expanding universe, would likely have played out much differently.
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