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Paper: A Forgotten Small Telescope that Inspired the Discovery of Galaxies
Volume: 471, Origins of the Expanding Universe: 1912-1932
Page: 279
Authors: Briggs, J. W.
Abstract: A 6-inch Clark refractor was built in 1884 for the University of the Pacific. A young instructor came with no prior training in astronomy, but left inspired to return to graduate school in astronomy at the University of Virginia. This was Heber D. Curtis, who became one of the great astronomers of the 20th century and famous for his early recognition of the true nature of galaxies. Donald E. Osterbrock was aware of the telescope and hoped to examine it, but it remained in obscure storage for decades with a missing objective lens. The original lens to this unusually beautiful and historic instrument recently has been discovered in Texas and now has potential to be re-united with the surviving tube and mounting.
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