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Paper: Touch the Cosmos: The 2012 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest
Volume: 473, Communicating Science
Page: 165
Authors: Walker, C. E.; Tafreshi, B.; Simmons, M.
Abstract: In April 2012, the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in partnership with The World At Night organized the Third International Earth and Sky Photo Contest on the importance of preserving dark skies for the Dark Skies Awareness theme of Global Astronomy Month. At the Fall 2012 ASP conference, a presentation on the Earth and Sky Photo Contest was made. The intended outcomes of the 10-minute oral talk were 1) to inspire visual learners to be more aware of the disappearing starry night sky due to light pollution, 2) to provide some basic understanding of what the issues are surrounding light pollution, 3) to provide incentive to get people to participate in the photo contest as a way of promoting dark skies awareness and 4) to provide a stepping stone to more active involvement in dark skies preservation. With more than half of the world's population in cities, Earth and Sky photos of dark, starry skies offer the next best thing to being there.
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