Title: Communicating Science
Volume: 473 Year: 2013 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Jonathan Barnes, Christine Shupla, James G. Manning, and Michael G. Gibbs

Tucson, Arizona, USA
4–8 August 2012

Gathered under the heat of the Tucson summer sun, leading professionals in the field of science education and public outreach gathered to share ideas, communicate best practices, and form partnerships. The conference took place August 4-8 in Tucson, Arizona, USA. This conference, the latest in a series of annual conferences of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, continued the Society's tradition of giving a forum for the many academics, practitioners, and enthusiasts of astronomy and science education and public outreach.

The theme of this conference was “Communicating Science,” and the contents of the proceedings herein reflect the broad range of topics discussed and research presented. This volume includes discussions of the public perception of science in the wake of the rumored and anticipated Mayan Apocalypse of 2012, the latest in Astro 101 teaching and methods, an update on various public outreach projects around the world, notes on STEM efforts through astronomy, and many other subjects. The proceedings include some 70 contributions from leaders in the fields of astronomy education and public outreach.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Book Cover
Front Matter 1 Barnes, J.; Shupla, C.; Manning, J. G.; Gibbs, M. G.
Conference Photos 2 Barnes, J.; Shupla, C.; Manning, J. G.; Gibbs, M. G.
Part I. Plenary Sessions   
Doomsday 2012 and Cosmophobia: Challenges and Opportunities for Science Communication 3 Fraknoi, A.; Larsen, K.; Mendez, B.; Morrison, D.; Van Stone, M.
Misinterpreting the Maya Calendar 13 Van Stone, M.
Part II.Workshops and Special Sessions   
Astronomy Outreach for Large and Unique Audiences 21 Lubowich, D.; Sparks, R. T.; Pompea, S. M.; Kendall, J. S.; Dugan, C.
Native Skywatchers and the Ojibwe Giizhig Anung Masinaaigan: Ojibwe Sky Star Map 29 Lee, A. S.
Using the Teach Astronomy Website to Enrich Introductory Astronomy Classes 43 Hardegree-Ullman, K. K.; Impey, C. D.; Patikkal, A.; Austin, C. L.
Down to Earth: Armageddon in the Classroom 51 Roche, P.; Roberts, S.
Engaging and Supporting Culturally Diverse Audiences 61 Shupla, C.; Buxner, S.; Peticolas, L. M.; Mendez, B.; Acevedo, S.; Begay, D.; Higgins, M. L.; Norman, D.
Suggestions from the Native American Community about Science/EPO Collaborations 73 Garmany, K.
RE-NUMERATE: A Workshop to Restore Essential Numerical Skills and Thinking via Astronomy Education 79 McCarthy, D.; Follette, K.
The Science of Storytelling: Indigenous Perspective in Environmental Change 85 Walker, C. E.; Low, R.; Zepeda, O.; Valdez, S.
Uncovering What Our Students Really Think about Science and Society—Are We Doomed? 97 Prather, E. E.; Wallace, C. S.; Teske, J. K.; Impey, C.; Buxner, S.
Educational Exploration of the Zooniverse: Tools for Formal and Informal Audience Engagement 101 Borden, K. A.; Kapadia, A.; Smith, A.; Whyte, L.
Using the Big Ideas in Cosmology to Teach College Students 109 McLin, K. M.; Coble, K.; Metevier, A. J.; Bailey, J. M.; Cominsky, L. R.
Using NASA Data in the Classroom: Promoting STEM Learning in Formal Education using Real Space Science Data 117 Lawton, B.; Hemenway, M. K.; Mendez, B.; Odenwald, S.
“I Don't Care If They Learn About Astronomy:” Learning Outcomes and Academic Rigor in Astro101 127 Brogt, E.; Draeger, J.; Dokter, E.
Part III. Oral Contributions   
Uncle Percy's Adventures in Space are Here! 135 Wendt, C.; Vitron, T.; Powell, P.
WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors: A Year 3 Update 137 Udomprasert, P. S.; Goodman, A. A.; Wong, C.
Universe Awareness: Inspiring Every Child with our Wonderful Cosmos 141 Schrier, W.; Nijman, I.; Russo, P.
NASA's Astrophysics Education and Public Outreach: Selected Highlights 145 Hasan, H.; Smith, D.; Sharma, M.
Hawaii's Annual Journey through the Universe Program 151 Harvey, J.; Michaud, P.
“Losing the Dark:” A Planetarium PSA about Light Pollution 161 Productions, L. N.; Walker, D. C.
Touch the Cosmos: The 2012 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest 165 Walker, C. E.; Tafreshi, B.; Simmons, M.
Astropixie: Astronomy Engagement Through Blogging and Twitter 173 Bauer, A. E.
Tripping the Light Year Fantastic: Teaching on Astronomy's Fringe 179 McDaid, L.
Dipping Your Toes into Evaluation in Five Easy Steps: Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned 183 Martin, A. M.
An Ongoing Investigation of Science Literacy: Results of a 22-Year Study Probing Students' Knowledge and Attitude Towards Science 189 Impey, C.; Buxner, S.; Antonellis, J.; CATS
Using Solar System Topics to Teach the Scientific Method in an Age of Science Denial 195 Lo Presto, M. C.
PDF Lecture Materials for Online and “Flipped” Format Astronomy Courses 201 Kary, D. M.; Eisberg, J.
ADS Labs: Supporting Information Discovery in Science Education 207 Henneken, E. A.
Part IV. Poster Contributions   
Scenario Crisis Cases in Distance Learning Sessions 215 Antunes, A.
Why Color Matters: The Effect of Visual Cues on Learner's Interpretation of Dark Matter in a Cosmology Visualization 219 Buck, Z.
An Artist's Role in Science Communication 225 Droppo, R.
Wet Mars, Dry Mars 233 Fillingim, M.; Brain, D. A.; Peticolas, L. M.; Yan, D.; Fricke, K.; Thrall, L.
An Inquiry-Based Activity to Investigate Evidence for Water on Mars 239 Gilbert, A.; Shankar, B.; Osinski, G. R.
The Experience at the University of Puerto Rico with “The Sky in Your Hands” and “The Tactile Moon Project” from the Astronomical Observatory, University of Valencia (Spain) 243 Villamizar, G. M. I.; Pantoja, C. A.; Lebrón Santos, M. E.; Ortiz-Gil, A.
“From Earth to the Solar System” Traveling Exhibit Visits Puerto Rico 247 Pantoja, C. A.; Lebrón, M. E.; Isidro, G. M.
A Simple and Robust True Scale Model Solar System 251 Rosenthal, E.
Going Virtual… or Not: Development and Testing of a 3D Virtual Astronomy Environment 255 Ruzhitskaya, L.; Speck, A.; Ding, N.; Baldridge, S.; Witzig, S.; Laffey, J.
Life Out There: An Astrobiological Multimedia Experience for the Digital Planetarium 259 Yu, K. C.; Grinspoon, D.
There and Back Again in the Classroom and in Outreach: Astronomy and The Hobbit 263 Larsen, K.
An After School Education Program on the Tohono O'odham Nation 267 Sparks, R. T.; Garmany, K.; Siquieros, J. M.; Austin, C. L.; Pompea, S. M.; Walker, C. E.
Putting a New Spin on Moon Phases 271 Bednarski, M.
Laurel Clark Earth Camp: Building a Framework for Teacher and Student Understanding of Earth Systems 275 Colodner, D.; Buxner, S.; Schwartz, K.; Orchard, A.; Titcomb, A.; King, B.; Baldridge, A.; Thomas-Hilburn, H.; Crown, D. A.
Three Years After the IYA: An Update on the Galileoscope Project 279 Fienberg, R. T.; Arion, D. N.; Pompea, S. M.
Using Models to Address Misconceptions in Size and Scale Related to the Earth, Moon, Solar System, and Universe 285 Lebofsky, L. A.; Cañizo, T. L.; Lebofsky, N. R.; McCarthy, D. W.; Higgins, M. L.; Salthouse, K.
Practical Lessons From the First Decade of EPO Partnership Between NIRCam/JWST and the GSUSA 289 McCarthy, D.; Lebofsky, L. A.; Schlingman, W. M.; Higgins, M. L.
Mobilizing the GLOBE at Night Citizen-Scientist 295 Newhouse, M. A.; Walker, C. E.; Boss, S. K.; Hennig, A. J.
Investigating What Undergraduate Students Know About Science: Results from Complementary Strategies to Code Open-Ended Responses 301 Tijerino, K.; Buxner, S.; Impey, C.; CATS
Investigating Where Students Get Their Information About Science 305 Buxner, S.; Impey, C.; Tijerino, K.; CATS
Developing Leaders in STEM: Assessing Success to Make a Difference 311 Gibbs, M. G.; Veenstra, D.
Exploring the Nominal Group Technique in the Evaluation of Teacher Professional Development Workshops 315 Hemenway, M. K.; Finkelstein, K.; Redfield, S.
The Impact of Light Pollution Education Through a Global Star-Hunting Campaign and Classroom Curricula 321 Walker, C. E.; Buxner, S.
Creating a “Heliophysics Community of Practice” for Formal Educators 327 Ali, N. A.; Peticolas, L.; Fricke, K.; Yan, D.
Tools to Support Scientists' Involvement in EPO and Science Education Research 331 Brogt, E.; Buxner, S.; Matiella Novak, M. A.
Lecture-Tutorial Coherency: Student-Supplied Written Responses As Indicators of Academic Success 337 Eckenrode, J.; Welch, J. D.; Saldivar, H.; Prather, E. E.; Wallace, C. S.; CATS
Evolution of Astronomy Education at a Small Four-Year Institution: Studio Astronomy at The University of Michigan-Flint 341 Ganguly, R.; Stark, M. A.
The Priscilla and Bart Bok Award, presented by the ASP and the AAS at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 347 Garmany, K.
Introducing the AAS Astronomy Ambassadors Program 351 Gurton, S.; Fienberg, R. T.; Fraknoi, A.; Prather, E. E.
Bringing Astronomy Activities and Science Content to Girls Locally and Nationally: A Girl Scout and NIRCam Collaboration 355 Higgins, M. L.; Lebofsky, L. A.; McCarthy, D. W.; Lebofsky, N.
Cosmic Explorers and Star Docent Youth Programs at Henize Observatory 359 Kabbes, J.
NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE): Maximizing and Measuring Impact 365 Martin, A. M.; Chambers, L. H.; Pippin, M. R.; Spruill, K.
Using Group Research to Stimulate Undergraduate Astronomy Major Learning 369 McGraw, A. M.; Hardegree-Ullman, K. K.; Turner, J. D.; Shirley, Y. L.; Walker-LaFollette, A. M.; Robertson, A. N.; Carleton, T. M.; Smart, B. M.; Towner, A. P. M.; Wallace, S. C.; Smith, C. W.; Austin, C. L.; Small, L. C.; Daugherty, M. J.; Guvenen, B. C.; Crawford, B. E.; Schlingman, W. M.
The High School Physics Curriculum and the University of North Dakota Observatory 373 Nolby, C.; Hardersen, P.
Reach for the Stars: Computational Models for Teaching and Learning in Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science 377 Paulsen, M. L.
Writing-Intensive Astronomy Classes in a Liberal Arts Setting 381 Schmidtke, P. C.
Astro4Girls and Their Families: Sharing Science via Public Libraries 385 Sharma, M.; Smith, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Ryer, H.; Dussault, M.; Braswell, E.; Cominsky, L.; Apple, N.; Della, T.; Whiffen, P.; Harman, P.; Mitchell, S.; Eyermann, S.; Brandehoff, S.; Dominiak, J.
The UCI COSMOS Astronomy and Astrophysics Cluster: A Summer Program for Talented High School Students 391 Smecker-Hane, T. A.
Incorporating Science and Society into the College Classroom 395 Teske, J. K.; Prather, E. E.; Wallace, C. S.; Meyers, M.; CATS
Delivering Hubble Discoveries to the Classroom 399 Eisenhamer, B.; Villard, R.; Weaver, D.; Cordes, K.; Knisely, L.
Quantitative Literacy: Working with Log Graphs 405 Shawl, S.
Back Matter   
Author Index 409 Barnes, J.; Shupla, C.; Manning, J. G.; Gibbs, M. G.
Back Matter 412