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Paper: Reach for the Stars: Computational Models for Teaching and Learning in Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science
Volume: 473, Communicating Science
Page: 377
Authors: Paulsen, M. L.
Abstract: Reach for the Stars is one of the NSF “Graduate Students in K–12 Education” (GK12) programs. PhD candidates from Northwestern University are partnered with a middle or high-school teacher to act as a “resident scientist” in their classroom for the entire academic year. These scientists and engineers spend time both in the classroom and out, developing inquiry-based activities that tie the computational thinking skills essential to their research to the classroom curricula. Reach for the Stars grants graduate students the opportunity to expand and improve their communication skills as they deconstruct their complex research projects in a way that makes them relevant and understandable by a variety of audiences. In the process, they have produced dozens of lesson plans available to teachers everywhere through a program that showcases the benefits of partnering universities with the K–12 school community.
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