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Paper: Exploring the Nominal Group Technique in the Evaluation of Teacher Professional Development Workshops
Volume: 473, Communicating Science
Page: 315
Authors: Hemenway, M. K.; Finkelstein, K.; Redfield, S.
Abstract: During the past decade, McDonald Observatory has concluded each of our Teacher Professional Development workshops with an evaluation that was designed to allow the participants to reflect on their experience and provide feedback to the staff. A simple-two page set of “focus questions” was completed by small groups of 3–4 teachers and later analyzed by our evaluators. For 2012, we changed our procedure to use Nominal Group Technique in place of the focus groups. This paper will explore these two techniques through an examination of the methods and results from offering essentially the same workshop (Worlds Beyond Our Solar System) in different years. Preliminary comparison of the techniques favors the Nominal Group Technique for future use.
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