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Paper: A Minimum of Stellar Density at the Corotation Radius of the Milky Way Spiral Pattern
Volume: 480, Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Page: 23
Authors: Barros, D. A.; Lépine, J. R. D.
Abstract: We perform test-particle simulations to study the secular effects of a long-lived Galactic spiral structure on the stellar orbits with mean radii close to the corotation resonance. The secular exchange of angular momentum between stars and the spiral wave promotes the formation of a minimum with amplitude ∼ 30% – 40% of the background disk stellar density at corotation. Such a minimum stellar density in the Galactic disk is directly related to the minimum in the observed rotation curve of the Galaxy at the radius R∼ 9 kpc (for R0 = 7.5 kpc), and we also propose its association with a minimum in the distribution of Galactic radii of a sample of open clusters older than 1 Gyr at R ∼ 7.7 kpc.
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