Title: Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Volume: 480 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Marc S. Seigar and Patrick Treuthardt

Winthrop Rockefeller Institute,
Petit Jean Mountain, Morrilton, Arkansas, USA
12–16 August, 2013

This volume contains the proceedings of the international conference on the structure and dynamics of disk galaxies organized by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The meeting was attended by 82 people from 11 countries. The meeting consisted of 70 talks and 10 posters.

This was the first major astronomy conference held in the state of Arkansas. It took place at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute in the scenic surroundings of Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas.

This conference focused on the formation and evolution of disk galaxies starting with a session dedicated to the Local Group and nearby galaxies. These are critical objects for our understanding of disk galaxy formation. Other sessions were devoted to the morphology of nearby galaxies, dark matter and galaxy dynamics, spiral structure, gas and star formation in disk galaxies, and secular evolution.

This volume will appeal to those researchers interested in disk galaxies and extragalactic astronomy in general. It presents the latest relevant results from Spitzer, ALMA, HST, as well as several ground-based surveys.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Book Cover Seigar, M. S.; Treuthardt, P.
Front Matter 1 Seigar, M. S.; Treuthardt, P.
Conference Photo 2 Seigar, M. S.; Treuthardt, P.
Session I. The MilkyWay Galaxy   
The Sagittarius Impact on Light and Dark Structure in the Milky Way 3 Purcell, C. W.
A Couple of Recent Developments in the Structure of the Outer Disk of the Milky Way 10 Carraro, G.; Perren, G.; Vázquez, R. A.; Moitinho, A.
Probing Galactic Structure with the Spatial Correlation Function of SEGUE G-dwarf Stars 14 Mao, Q.; Berlind, A. A.; Holley-Bockelmann, K.; Schlesinger, K. J.; Johnson, J. A.; Rockosi, C. M.
Substructure in Bulk Velocities of Milky Way Disk Stars 19 Carlin, J. L.; DeLaunay, J.; Newberg, H. J.; Deng, L.; Gole, D.; Grabowski, K.; Jin, G.; Liu, C.; Liu, X.; Luo, A.-L.; Yuan, H.; Zhang, H.; Zhao, G.; Zhao, Y.
A Minimum of Stellar Density at the Corotation Radius of the Milky Way Spiral Pattern 23 Barros, D. A.; Lépine, J. R. D.
Session II. Local Group Galaxies   
Disk Destruction and (Re)-Creation in the Magellanic Clouds 27 Nidever, D. L.
HELGA: The Herschel Exploitation of the Local Galaxy Andromeda: Sub-mm Morphology and Dust Properties 31 Fritz, J.; Smith, M. W. L.; Kirk, J.; HELGA collaboration
The History of the M31 Disk from Resolved Stellar Populations as Seen by PHAT 35 Lewis, A. R.; Dalcanton, J. J.; Dolphin, A. E.; Weisz, D. R.; Williams, B. F.; PHAT collaboration
The Andromeda Optical and Infrared Disk Survey 39 Sick, J.; Courteau, S.; Cuillandre, J.-C.
Local Group and Star Cluster Dynamics from HSTPROMO: The Hubble Space Telescope Proper Motion Collaboration 43 van der Marel, R. P.; Anderson, J.; Bellini, A.; Besla, G.; Bianchini, P.; Boylan-Kolchin, M.; Chaname, J.; Deason, A.; Do, T.; Guhathakurta, P.; Kallivayalil, N.; Lennon, D.; Massari, D.; Meyer, E.; Platais, I.; Sabbi, E.; Sohn, S. T.; Soto, M.; Trenti, M.; Watkins, L.
A New Approach to Detailed Structural Decomposition: Kicked-up Disk Stars in Andromeda's Halo? 47 Dorman, C. E.; Widrow, L. M.; Guhathakurta, P.; PHAT collaboration
Session III. Disk Galaxy Morphology   
Morphology of Nearby Galaxies 53 Buta, R. J.
Determination of Resonance Locations in NGC 4145 Using Multiband Photometry 65 Sierra, A.; Seigar, M. S.; Treuthardt, P.; Puerari, I.
NGC 3124: A Resonance Ring Disk Galaxy with a Skewed Bar 69 Treuthardt, P.; Seigar, M. S.; Salo, H.; Kennefick, D.; Kennefick, J.; Lacy, C. H. S.
Hydrodynamical Simulations of the Barred Galaxy NGC 4314: Gas Orbits in the Bar Region 73 Ramos-Martínez, M.; Gómez, G. C.
Central Stellar Mass Deficits in the Bulges of Local Lenticular Galaxies 75 Dullo, B. T.
Session IV. Dynamics, Disk Structure, and Dark Matter   
Using Gas Kinematics to Constrain 3D Models of Disks: IC 2531 81 Eigenbrot, A.; Bershady, M. A.
Discovery of Super-Thin Disks in Nearby Edge-on Spiral Galaxies 85 Schechtman-Rook, A.; Bershady, M. A.
The Dynamical Properties of Virgo Cluster Disk Galaxies 89 Ouellette, N. N. Q.; Courteau, S.; Holtzman, J. A.; Dalcanton, J. J.; McDonald, M.; Zhu, Y.
The Stability of Galaxy Disks 93 Westfall, K. B.; Andersen, D. R.; Bershady, M. A.; Martinsson, T. P. K.; Swaters, R. A.; Verheijen, M. A. W.
Origins of Disks in Simulations of Spiral Galaxies 97 Sales, L. V.
The Upside Down Construction of a Simulated Disk Galaxy 105 Bird, J. C.; Kazantzidis, S.; Weinberg, D. H.; Guedes, J.; Callegari, S.; Mayer, L.; Madau, P.
A New Method For Constraining Dark Matter Halos 109 Hague, P. R.; Wilkinson, M. I.
Baryonic Distributions in the Dark Matter Halo of NGC 4088 113 Richards, E. E.; van Zee, L.; Wavle, D. C.; Barnes, K. L.; Staudaher, S.; Dale, D. A.; Calzetti, D.; Dalcanton, J. J.; Bullock, J. S.; Chandar, R.
Session V. Spiral Structure   
Amplitudes of Spiral Perturbations 117 Grosbol, P.; Patsis, P. A.
Spiral Arm Pitch Angle and its Significance for Theories of Galactic Structure 125 Kennefick, D.
Evolution of Spiral Arm Pitch Angle 130 Shields, D. W.; Henderson, C.; Davis, B. L.; Johns, L.; Berrier, J. C.; Kennefick, D.; Kennefick, J.; Seigar, M. S.; Lacy, C. H. S.
The Spiral Structure of AGN Host Galaxies 133 Kennefick, J.; Barrows, R. S.; Hughes, J. A.; Schilling, A.; Davis, B.; Shields, D.; Madey, A.; Kennefick, D.; Lacy, C.; Seigar, M.
Reviewing the Observational Evidence against Long-Lived Spiral Arms in Galaxies 137 Martínez-García, E. E.; Puerari, I.
Comparing Gaseous and Stellar Orbits in a Spiral Potential 141 Gómez, G. C.; Pichardo, B.; Martos, M. A.
Spiral Structure Dynamics in Pure Stellar Disk Models 145 Valencia-Enríquez, D.; Puerari, I.
Analyzing Spiral Structure in a Galactic Disk with a Gaseous Component 147 Mata-Chávez, M. D.; Gómez, G. C.; Puerari, I.
A New Method to Determine Pitch Angles in Spiral Galaxies: Application to Messier 81 149 Puerari, I.; Elmegreen, B. G.; Block, D. L.
Session VI. Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies   
Secular Evolution in Action: Central Values and Radial Trends in Boxy Bulges 153 Williams, M. J.; Bureau, M.; Kuntschner, H.
Creation of Peanut-Shaped Bulges via the Slow Mode of Bar Growth 157 Petersen, M. S.; Weinberg, M. D.; Katz, N.
Clues to the Formation of Lenticular Galaxies Using Spectroscopic Bulge–Disk Decomposition 161 Johnston, E. J.; Aragón-Salamanca, A.; Merrifield, M. R.; Bedregal, A. G.
Galaxy Zoo: Observing Secular Evolution Through Bars 165 Cheung, E.; Athanassoula, E.; Masters, K. L.; Nichol, R. C.; Bosma, A.; Bell, E. F.; Faber, S. M.; Koo, D. C.; Lintott, C.; Melvin, T.; Schawinski, K.; Skibba, R. A.; Willett, K. W.
Quantifying the Mixing due to Bars 170 Sánchez-Blázquez, P.; Califa collaboration
Stellar Surface Brightness Profiles of Dwarf Galaxies 174 Herrmann, K. A.
Requirements for Radial Migration: How Does the Migrating Fraction Depend on Stellar Velocity Dispersion? 179 Tolfree, K. J. D.; Wyse, R. F. G.
Session VII. Scaling Laws   
Scaling Laws in Disk Galaxies 185 Graham, A. W.
The Arkansas Galaxy Evolution Survey: SMBH Mass and Spiral Arm Morphology 196 Seigar, M. S.; Berrier, J. C.; Davis, B. L.; Kennefick, D.; Kennefick, J.; Barrows, R. S.; Hartley, M. T.; Shields, D. W.; Bentz, M. C.; Lacy, C. H. S.
The Black Hole Mass Function Derived from Local Spiral Galaxies 204 Davis, B. L.; Berrier, J. C.; Johns, L.; Shields, D. W.; Hartley, M. T.; Kennefick, D.; Kennefick, J.; Seigar, M. S.; Lacy, C. H. S.
Session VIII. Gas, Dust, and Star Formation in Disk Galaxies   
Gas Accretion in Disk Galaxies 211 Combes, F.
Gas Accretion and Consumption in Disks in the Local Universe from the S4G/DAGAL Survey 221 Bouquin, A. Y. K.; Gil de Paz, A.; Boissier, S.; Muñoz-Mateos, J. C.
The HALOGAS Survey: Extraplanar Gas in NGC 3198 225 Gentile, G.; HALOGAS team
Effects of Accretion of Very Small Satellites 229 Ramón-Fox, F. G.; Aceves, H.
Contribution of the Disks to the SFR in the Local Universe using Integral Field Spectroscopy from CALIFA 231 Catalán-Torrecilla, C.; Gil de Paz, A.; Castillo-Morales, Á.; Iglesias-Páramo, J.; CALIFA Collaboration
Tracing Induced Star Formation in Perturbed Galaxy Disks: The Case of an Interacting Luminous Infrared Galaxy Pair 235 Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Rosado, M.; Amram, P.; Laurikainen, E.; Salo, H.
The Asymmetry and Star Formation Rate for Dwarf Spiral Galaxies 239 Vega-Acevedo, I.; Hidalgo-Gámez, A. M.
FitSKIRT: Oligochromatic Fitting of Dusty Galaxies 243 De Geyter, G.; Baes, M.
Beads on a String and Spurs in Galactic Disks 247 Renaud, F.; Bournaud, F.; Emsellem, E.; Elmegreen, B.; Teyssier, R.
Stellar Populations in the Outskirts of Spiral Galaxies Using IFS CALIFA Data 251 Ruiz-Lara, T.; Pérez, I.; Florido, E.; Sánchez-Blázquez, P.
Hα Surface Brightness Profiles of Star-Forming Galaxies and Dependence on Halo Mass Using the HAGGIS Survey 255 Kulkarni, S.; Wilman, D.; Erwin, P.; Koppenhöfer, J.; Gutierrez, L.; Beckman, J.; Saglia, R.; Bender, R.
The Influence of Shear Motion on Evolution of Giant Molecular Associations 259 Miyamoto, Y.; Nakai, N.; Kuno, N.
Search for Hidden Turbulent Gas through Interstellar Scintillation 263 Moniez, M.; Ansari, R.; Habibi, F.; Rahvar, S.
Session IX. Environment and Interactions   
A Multiwavelength View of Isolated Galaxies 269 Verdes-Montenegro, L.
Finding Galaxies with Unusual HI Content 279 Dénes, H.; Kilborn, V.; Koribalski, B.
Anomalous Kinematics in an Isolated LIRG 283 Cárdenas-Martínez, N.; Fuentes-Carrera, I.
Back Matter   
Author Index 287 Seigar, M. S.; Treuthardt, P.
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