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Paper: The Asymmetry and Star Formation Rate for Dwarf Spiral Galaxies
Volume: 480, Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Page: 239
Authors: Vega-Acevedo, I.; Hidalgo-Gámez, A. M.
Abstract: In this paper, we present a study of the morphology and star formation in a sample of dwarf spiral galaxies by looking for a relationship between the asymmetry of these galaxies and their star formation rate. In order to do it, the asymmetry parameter is determined from broad-band images and Hα images were used in the SFR determination. There is no clear relationship between these two parameters. The only thing that can be said is that the galaxies with low SFR have also low asymmetry. In general, dwarf spiral galaxies are very symmetric and the SFRs are similar to the values from irregular galaxies.
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