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Paper: Finding Galaxies with Unusual HI Content
Volume: 480, Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Page: 279
Authors: Dénes, H.; Kilborn, V.; Koribalski, B.
Abstract: Observations show that galaxies in galaxy clusters are strongly influenced by their environment. There is growing evidence that some galaxies in groups show similar properties to galaxies in clusters, such as redder colors and gas deficiency, highlighting that environmental processes are also effective on galaxy group scales. The question is though, which mechanisms are important in low density environments? To answer this, we identify gas deficient galaxies to investigate recent or ongoing environmental processes, such as gas stripping. We are using scaling relations between the neutral hydrogen (HI) content and optical properties of galaxies to identify galaxies with significantly less HI than an average galaxy of the same type. For this, we derive new, multi-wavelength HI-optical scaling relations using the HI Parkes All Sky Survey (HIPASS) with optical and near infrared datasets. We also show our preliminary results from observations of a sample of 6 HI-deficient galaxies, which we identified in low density environments.
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