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Paper: Super-soft X-ray Spectral Evolution in Novae
Volume: 490, Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades
Page: 345
Authors: Page, K. L.; Osborne, J. P.
Abstract: Swift has performed intensive monitoring of a number of novae as they pass through their super-soft X-ray phase. While Chandra and XMM-Newton can provide high-resolution grating spectra, important for identifying individual emission and absorption features and placing constraints on abundances, few observations are obtained with these instruments, thus providing only rare snapshots of the super-soft spectral evolution. With Swift, however, we can perform daily (if not hourly) monitoring, allowing us to follow the entirety of the super-soft phase in great detail. Spectral evolution is clear, often even when simply comparing the unfitted spectra. Here, we fit stellar atmosphere models to the X-ray spectra of some of the densely-observed Swift novae, investigating the evolution of temperature, emitting radius and X-ray luminosity throughout their super-soft phases.
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