Title: Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades
Volume: 490 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Woudt, P. A.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.

Cape Town, South Africa
4–8 February 2013

These proceedings cover the latest results in the field of classical and recurrent novae. From 4-8 February 2013, 86 researchers from 20 different countries came to Cape Town for the fourth international conference on classical and recurrent novae, following earlier meetings in Paris (1976), Madrid (1989), and Sitges (2002).

The scientific program included 5 invited reviews, 13 invited contributions, 39 contributed talks and 29 posters. It covered the full width and breath of nova research, including the latest in multi-dimensional modeling of nova outbursts, the study of gamma-ray emission from novae, thermonuclear eruptions in symbiotic systems, panchromatic observations of novae and nova shells, population studies of Galactic and extragalactic novae, and studies of the evolution of the central binary in novae. These proceedings capture the excitement of recent advances in these different areas of nova research.

A number of individual systems are discussed in detail in these proceedings, including the recurrent nova T Pyxidis. Discussions around T Pyxidis focus on its most recent (2011) outburst, its spectroscopic evolution following the outburst, and its evolutionary trajectory. Infrared interferometric studies of novae highlight recent technological advances, revealing bipolar morphologies in a large number of nova ejecta. Radio observations of novae with SKA-like sensitivities are challenging the simple models from which we derive the ejected mass following a nova outburst, and sensitive gamma-ray observations with Fermi are revealing a large number of novae as gamma-ray sources.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Woudt, P. A.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.
Conference Photos 2 Woudt, P. A.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.
Session I. General Description, including Central Systems and Evolutionary Path- ways   
A Decade of Progress in Understanding the Eruptions of Classical Novae 3 Shara, M. M.
Old Novae and the SW Sextantis Phenomenon 29 Schmidtobreick, L.; Tappert, C.
The Death Spiral of T Pyxidis 35 Patterson, J.; Oksanen, A.; Monard, B.; Rea, R.; Hambsch, F.; McCormick, J.; Nelson, P.; Kemp, J.; Allen, W.; Krajci, T.; Lowther, S.; Dvorak, S.; Richards, T.; Myers, G.; Bolt, G.
Session II. Galactic Nova Population   
Life and Work of Hilmar Duerbeck 45 Krautter, J
On the Galactic Nova Progenitor Population 49 Darnley, M. J.; Bode, M. F.; Harman, D. J.; Hounsell, R. A.; Munari, U.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.; Surina, F.; Williams, R. P.; Williams, S. C.
The Hunt for Old Novae 57 Tappert, C.; Vogt, N.; Schmidtobreick, L.; Ederoclite, A.
The Multiple Periods and the Magnetic Nature of CP Puppis 63 Mason, E.; Bianchini, A.; Orio, M.; Williams, R. E.; Mukai, K.; de Marino, D.; Abbot, T. M. C.; di Mille, F.
High Speed Photometry and Spectroscopy of Novae at Quiescence 67 Egan, J. M.; Woudt, P. A.; Warner, B.; Williams, R. E.; Steeghs, D. T. H.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.
Session III. Extragalactic Nova Population   
Extragalactic Nova Populations 77 Shafter, A. W.; Curtin, C.; Pritchet, C. J.; Bode, M. F.; Darnley, M. J.
On the M31 Nova Progenitor Population 85 Williams, S. C.; Darnley, M. J.; Bode, M. F.; Shafter, A. W.
Spatial Distribution of Novae in M31: Do Novae Trace Light? 91 Kaur, A.; Hartmann, D. H.
Investigating the Nova Rate Connection to Galaxy Type using Archival Hubble Space Telescope Images 95 Alis, S.; Saygac, A. T.
Session IV. The Nova Ejecta   
Recent Advances in the Modeling of Panchromatic Observations of Nova Shells 101 Schwarz, G.
A Dynamical Study of the Nova Remnant of GK Persei 109 Liimets, T.; Corradi, R. L. M.; Santander–García, M.; Villaver, E.; Rodríguez-Gil, P.; Verro, K.; Kolka, I.
Integral Field Unit Spectroscopy of the Helium Nova V445 Puppis 115 Macfarlane, S.; Steeghs, D.; Woudt, P.
On the Evolution of the Late-time Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of the Outburst of the Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi (2006) 123 Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.; Bode, M. F.; Williams, R. E.
Morpho-kinematic Modeling of Nova Ejecta 129 Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.
Shell Observations of Classical Novae 133 Esenoglu, H. H.; Saygac, A. T.
Observational study of the extremely slow nova V1280 Scorpii 139 Naito, H.; Mizoguchi, S.; Arai, A.; Tajitsu, A.; Narusawa, S.; Yamanaka, M.; Fujii, M.; Iijima, T.; Kinugasa, K.; Kurita, M.; Nagayama, T.; Yamaoka, H.; Sadakane, K.
Session V. Spectroscopic Evolution of a Nova Outburst   
The Spectroscopic Development of a Nova 145 Shore, S. N.
The Mystery of T Pyxidis, The 2011 Explosion 163 Ederoclite, A.
Spectroscopic and Photometric Development of T Pyxidis (2011) from 0.8 to 250 Days after Discovery 169 Surina, F.; Hounsell, R. A.; Bode, M. F.; Darnley, M. J.; Harman, D. J.; Walter, F. M.
On the Origin of Narrow Line Components in Recurrent Novae 177 Takeda, L.; Diaz, M. P.
Session VI. Optical Observations of Novae   
On some Aspects of Optical Observations of Novae 183 Munari, U.
The Stony Brook/SMARTS Atlas of (mostly) Southern Novae 191 Walter, F. M.
Lesson Learned from (some) Recurrent Novae 199 Mason, E.; Walter, F. M.
Modeling the Recurrent Nova U Scorpii in Quiescence 205 Maxwell, M. P.; Rushton, M. T.; Eyres, S. P. S.
Multiwavelength Modeling the SED of Very Slow Novae PU Vulpeculae and V723 Cassiopeiae 211 Skopal, A.
Photometric Observations of Nova Mon 2012 = V959 Mon = Fermi J0639+0548 217 Shugarov, S.; Pavlenko, E.; Chochol, D.; Malanushenko, V.; Rumiantseva, I.; Katysheva, N.
The Slow Late Decline of the Old Nova RW Ursae Minoris (1956) 221 Bianchini, A.; di Mille, F.; Tamburini, F.; Saygac, A. T.; Alis, S.
Session VII. Infrared Observations of Novae   
Observations of Novae in the Infrared 227 Gehrz, R. D.; Evans, A.; Woodward, C. E.
A WISE View of Novae 237 Evans, A.; Gehrz, R. D.; Woodward, C. E.; Helton, L. A.
Interferometric Studies of Novae in the Infrared 243 Chesneau, O.
Silicate Dust in RS Ophiuchi 249 Rushton, M. T.; Woodward, C. E.; Helton, L. A.; Gehrz, R. D.; Evans, A.; Kaminsky, B.; Pavlenko, Y. V.; Eyres, S. P. S.; Maxwell, M.
Rapid Dust Formation in Novae: Speed Class and Grain Formation Timescale 255 Williams, S. C.; Bode, M. F.; Darnley, M. J.; Zubko, V.; Evans, A.; Shafter, A. W.
The Dusty Nova: An Examination of Dust Production and Processing in the Ejecta of Classical Novae 261 Helton, L. A.; Evans, A.; Woodward, C. E.; Gehrz, R. D.; Vacca, W.
V496 Scuti: Detection of CO Emission and Dust Shell in a Moderately Fast Fe II Nova 267 Raj, A.; Ashok, N. M.; Banerjee, D. P. K.; Munari, U.; Valisa, P.; Dallaporta, S.
Session VIII. Modeling of Nova Outbursts   
Multidimensional Modeling of Nova Outbursts 275 José, J.
Evolution of Accreting White Dwarfs: Some of Them Continue to Grow 287 Newsham, G.; Starrfield, S.; Timmes, F. X.
Overshoot Convective Mixing in Nova Outbursts 295 Glasner, A. S.; Livne, E.; Truran, J. W.
MESA and NuGrid Simulations of Classical Nova Outbursts and Nucleosynthesis 303 Denissenkov, P.; Herwig, F.; Pignatari, M.; Truran, J. W.
Features of Nova Outburst Light Curves as Derived from Modeling 309 Hillman, Y.; Prialnik, D.; Kovetz, A.; Shara, M. M.; Neill, J. D.
Session IX. -ray, X-ray and Radio Observations of Novae   
Gamma-ray Emission from Nova Outbursts 319 Hernanz, M.
X-ray Observations of Shocked Nova Ejecta 327 Mukai, K.; Nelson, T.; Chomiuk, L.; Mioduszewski, A.; Rupen, M. P.; Sokoloski, J. L.; Weston, J. H. S.; Bode, M. F.; Eyres, S. P. S.; O'Brien, T. J.
MAXI J0158–744: A Luminous Supersoft Source in the Magellanic Bridge 333 McBride, V. A.; Li, K. L.; Kong, A. K. H.; Charles, P. A.; Lu, T.-N.; Bartlett, E. S.; Coe, M. J.; Rajoelimanana, A.; Udalski, A.; Masetti, N.; Franzen, T.
Shocks and Ejecta Mass: Radio Observations of Nova V1723 Aql 339 Weston, J. H. S.; Sokoloski, J. L.; Zheng, Y.; Chomiuk, L.; Mioduszewski, A.; Mukai, K.; Rupen, M. P.; Krauss, M. I.; Roy, N.; Nelson, T.
Super-soft X-ray Spectral Evolution in Novae 345 Page, K. L.; Osborne, J. P.
Towards Non-spherical Radio Models 349 Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.; Steffen, W.; Chomiuk, L.; Koning, N.; O'Brien, T. J.; Woudt, P. A.
Session X. Symbiotic Systems   
A Remarkable Sample of New Symbiotic Stars Towards the Galactic Bulge 355 Miszalski, B.; Mikolajewska, J.; Udalski, A.
The Nature of the Symbiotic Recurrent Nova V407 Cygni 361 Iijima, T.
A New Look at the Symbiotic Star RW Hydrae 367 Otulakowska-Hypka, M.; Mikolajewska, J.; Whitelock, P. A.
Photometric and Spectroscopic Behavior of V407 Cygni during 2010–2012 373 Shugarov, S.; Esipov, V. F.; Kolotilov, E. A.; Komissarova, G. V.; Shenavrin, V. I.; Tarasova, T. N.; Tatarnikov, A. M.; Tatarnikova, A. A.
Session XI. Novae and Related Objects   
Repeating Novae and SNIa 379 Wallerstein, G.
Increasing Supercycle Lengths of Active SU UMa-type Dwarf Novae 385 Otulakowska-Hypka, M.; Olech, A.
Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables Discovered in the Palomar Transient Factory 389 Margon, B.; Levitan, D.; Prince, T. A.; Hallinan, G.; PTF Collaboration
Session XII. Stella Novae: Future Decades   
The New Milky Way: A Wide–Field Survey of Optical Transients near the Galactic plane 395 Sokolovsky, K.; Korotkiy, S.; Lebedev, A.
SOFIA: A Promising Resource for Future Nova Studies 401 Helton, L. A.; SOFIA Science Team
LOFT (Large Observatory for X-ray Timing): A Candidate X-ray Mission for the next Decade1 405 Hernanz, M.; LOFT collaboration
Rapid Optical Variations in KT Eridani 411 Ilkiewicz, K.; Swierczyński, E.; Galan, C.; Cikala, M.; Tomov, T.
Back Matter   
Author Index 415 Woudt, P. A.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.
Object Index 419 Woudt, P. A.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.
Back Matter 423