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Paper: Observational study of the extremely slow nova V1280 Scorpii
Volume: 490, Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades
Page: 139
Authors: Naito, H.; Mizoguchi, S.; Arai, A.; Tajitsu, A.; Narusawa, S.; Yamanaka, M.; Fujii, M.; Iijima, T.; Kinugasa, K.; Kurita, M.; Nagayama, T.; Yamaoka, H.; Sadakane, K.
Abstract: We present multi-color light curves and optical spectra of V1280 Scorpii obtained from 2007 to 2012. It is shown that V1280 Sco is an extremely slow nova and the mass of white dwarf appears to be ∼ 0.6 Msun or lower. Blue-shifted multiple absorption lines of Na I D, Ca II HK, and He I* are detected on high-resolution spectra. We also discuss that an approach using metastable He absorption lines is useful to investigate structures of nova shells.
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