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Paper: High Speed Photometry and Spectroscopy of Novae at Quiescence
Volume: 490, Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades
Page: 67
Authors: Egan, J. M.; Woudt, P. A.; Warner, B.; Williams, R. E.; Steeghs, D. T. H.; Ribeiro, V. A. R. M.
Abstract: We present spectroscopy of Nova Velorum 1999 (V382 Vel) and Nova Sagittarii 1936c (V630 Sgr) obtained with the Southern African Large Telescope in May and July 2012 as part of our ongoing observing campaign of old novae. The SALT spectrum of V382 Vel is dominated by broad Hα emission associated with the nova shell. The other Balmer lines in the spectrum are narrower and single-peaked, with Hβ at similar line strength as He II 4686Å. The SALT spectrum of V630 Sgr is dominated by He II 4686Å, emission lines are double-peaked (except the lines of the He II Pickering series) and show clear variations in multiple spectra obtained over one-quarter of the binary orbit. Additional high speed photometry of V382 Vel has been obtained in 2012 using the new SHOC photometer of the South African Astronomical Observatory. It shows the emergence of large amplitude quasi-periodic variability with periodicities around ∼ 30 minutes, not seen previously.
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