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Paper: A Decade of Progress in Understanding the Eruptions of Classical Novae
Volume: 490, Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades
Page: 3
Authors: Shara, M. M.
Abstract: During the 11 years since the 2002 Sitges Nova conference, over 700 refereed papers dealing with classical novae have been published. Rather than spend 2.3 seconds reviewing each one, I've tried to focus on the main themes that have captured the interests of most researchers. I've also used, as examples, the most influential and cited papers in each subfield, though a decade from now some of my choices may seem dated, provincial, or flat-out wrong. The key topics that I address include theory and simulations of nova explosions; the recurrent novae; observations of ejecta; symbiotic novae; connections between novae and type Ia supernovae; connections between classical and dwarf novae; extragalactic novae; the maximum magnitude - rate of decline relationship; and a set of challenges and unanswered questions that I hope we will have made much progress on by the time we reassemble around 2024.
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