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Paper: The Nature of the Symbiotic Recurrent Nova V407 Cygni
Volume: 490, Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades
Page: 361
Authors: Iijima, T.
Abstract: The outburst of the recurrent nova V407 Cyg in 2010 has required us to change our knowledge of this object. Its distance derived from the decline rate of the light curve is 7.1± 0.6 kpc, which is roughly three times larger than those in previous works. The luminosity variation with the period of about 750 days in the quiescent stage is unlikely due to the pulsation of the secondary Mira variable. The coronal emission lines and the Soft X-rays were probably emitted in the interaction between the ejecta and the circumstellar nebulosity. The variations in intensity of He I emission lines coincided with that of the γ-ray flux in the first two weeks of the outburst.
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