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Paper: Deep Observations of the Open Cluster NGC 6253
Volume: 493, 19th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 373
Authors: Jeffery, E. J.
Abstract: We have obtained deep observations of the metal-rich open cluster NGC 6253 with GMOS on the Gemini-South telescope, with the goal of observing the cluster white dwarfs for the first time. These observations are an important piece and further test of the variously proposed scenarios to explain the formation of the strange white dwarfs in the metal rich open cluster NGC 6791. We will use the new observations of NGC 6253 to measure the cluster's white dwarf age and search for any anomalies in the white dwarf luminosity function. The high metallicity of this cluster will allow us to explore and better understand the formation of white dwarfs in such a high metallicity environment. These observations are an important piece in the continuing puzzle that has important implications on mass loss, white dwarf cooling, and stellar evolution as a whole.
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