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Paper: Disk Winds and the Evolution of Planet-Forming Disks
Monograph: 7, Science with a Next Generation Very Large Array
Page: 155
Authors: Pascucci, I.; Andrews, S.; Chandler, C.; Isella, A.
Abstract: Disk winds are thought to play an important role in the evolution and dispersal of planet-forming disks. While high-resolution optical and infrared spectroscopy has identified several disk wind diagnostics, wind mass loss rates remain largely unconstrained mostly due to the lack of spatial resolution to measure the extent of the wind emitting region. Here, we show that the ngVLA will have the sensitivity and resolution to detect and spatially resolve the free-free emission from the fully or partially ionized component of disk winds. Hence, ngVLA observations will be critical to estimate mass loss rates and clarify the role of disk winds in the evolution and dispersal of disk mass.
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