Title: Science with a Next Generation Very Large Array

Monograph: 7 Year: 2018 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Eric Murphy and the ngVLA Science Advisory Council
A collection of peer-reviewed research papers supporting the development of a next-generation Very Large Array prepared by members of the astronomical community and compiled by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in preparation for the U.S. 2020 Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey conducted by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.
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A Current Summary of the Project   
The ngVLA Science Case and Associated Science Requirements 3 Murphy, E. J.; Bolatto, A.; Chatterjee, S.; Casey, C. M.; Chomiuk, L.; Dale, D.; de Pater, I.; Dickinson, M.; Francesco, J. D.; Hallinan, G.; Isella, A.; Kohno, K.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Lang, C.; Lazio, T. J. W.; Leroy, A. K.; Loinard, L.; Maccarone, T. J.; Matthews, B. C.; Osten, R. A.; Reid, M. J.; Riechers, D.; Sakai, N.; Walter, F.; Wilner, D.
The ngVLA Reference Design 15 Selina, R. J.; Murphy, E. J.; McKinnon, M.; Beasley, A.; Butler, B.; Carilli, C.; Clark, B.; Durand, S.; Erickson, A.; Grammer, W.; Hiriart, R.; Jackson, J.; Kent, B.; Mason, B.; Morgan, M.; Ojeda, O. Y.; Rosero, V.; Shillue, W.; Sturgis, S.; Urbain, D.
Reaching Communities and Creating New Opportunities with the ngVLA 37 von Schill, L.; Gurton, S.
The Solar System   
Potential for Solar System Science with the ngVLA 49 de Pater, I.; Butler, B.; Sault, R. J.; Moullet, A.; Moeckel, C.; Tollefson, J.; de Kleer, K.; Gurwell, M.; Milam, S.
High-Resolution Imaging of Comets 73 Cordiner, M. A.; Qi, C.
Spacecraft Telecommunications 81 Lazio, T. J. W.; Asmar, S.
ngVLA Observations of the Solar Wind 87 Bastian, T. S.
Radio Observations of Solar Flares 99 Gary, D. E.; Bastian, T. S.; Chen, B.; Fleishman, G. D.; Glesener, L.
Planetary Bistatic Radar 113 Brozović, M.; Butler, B. J.; Margot, J.; Naidu, S. P.; Lazio, T. J. W.
ngVLA Observations of Coronal Magnetic Fields 125 Fleishman, G. D.; Nita, G. M.; White, S. M.; Gary, D. E.; Bastian, T. S.
Planet Formation   
Resolved Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks with the ngVLA 137 Andrews, S. M.; Wilner, D. J.; Macías, E.; Carrasco-González, C.; Isella, A.
Imaging Planetary Systems in the Act of Forming with the ngVLA 147 Ricci, L.; Isella, A.; Liu, S.; Li, H.
Disk Winds and the Evolution of Planet-Forming Disks 155 Pascucci, I.; Andrews, S.; Chandler, C.; Isella, A.
Debris Disks: Structure and Composition 161 Matthews, B.; Greaves, J.; Kennedy, G.; Matrà, L.; Wilner, D.; Wyatt, M.
Stellar Emission as a Source of Flux Bias in Debris Disks 171 White, J. A.; Aufdenberg, J.; Boley, A. C.; Hauschildt, P.; Hughes, A. M.; Matthews, B.; Moór, A.; Wilner, D. J.
Resolving the Radio Complexity of EXor and FUor-type Systems with the ngVLA 177 White, J. A.; Audard, M.; Ábrahám, P.; Cieza, L.; de Miera, F. C.; Dunham, M. M.; Green, J. D.; Güdel, M.; Grosso, N.; Hales, A.; Hartmann, L.; Kadam, K.; Kastner, J. H.; Kóspál, Á.; Perez, S.; Postel, A.; Ruiz-Rodriguez, D.; Rab, C.; Vorobyov, E. I.; Zhu, Z.
Indirect Detection of Extrasolar Planets via Astrometry 185 Butler, B. J.; Matthews, B. C.
Detection of Circumplanetary Disks 193 Zhu, Z.; Andrews, S. M.; Isella, A.
Dust Growth and Dust Trapping in Protoplanetary Disks 199 van der Marel, N.; Matthews, B.; Dong, R.; Birnstiel, T.; Isella, A.
Tracing the Water Snowline in Protoplanetary Disks with the ngVLA 209 Zhang, K.; Bergin, E. A.; Williams, J. P.; Pinilla, P.; Andrews, S. M.
Planetary Systems and Life   
Observing the Effects of Chemistry on Exoplanets and Planet Formation 217 McGuire, B. A.; Bergin, E.; Blake, G. A.; Burkhardt, A. M.; Cleeves, L. I.; Loomis, R. A.; Remijan, A. J.; Shingledecker, C. N.; Willis, E. R.
Organics in Disk Midplanes with the ngVLA 223 Öberg, K. I.; Cleeves, L. I.; Loomis, R.
Exo-space Weather in the Era of the ngVLA 229 Osten, R. A.; Crosley, M. K.; Hallinan, G.
Prebiotic Molecules 245 McGuire, B. A.; Carroll, P. B.; Garrod, R. T.
Complex Organic Molecules in Hot Molecular Cores/Corinos: Physics and Chemistry 249 Beltrán, M. T.; Rivilla, V. M.
SETI Searches for Evidence of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy 257 Croft, S.; Siemion, A. P. V.; Cordes, J. M.; Morrison, I. S.; Paragi, Z.; Tarter, J.
Stellar Systems and Formation   
Stellar Activity on Red Giant and Supergiant Stars: Mass Loss and the Evolution of the Stellar Dynamo. 265 Harper, G. M.
ngVLA Studies of Classical Novae 271 Linford, J. D.; Chomiuk, L.; Rupen, M. P.
Evolved Stars 281 Matthews, L. D.; Claussen, M. J.
Detecting Infall in High-Mass Protostellar Objects 293 Beltrán, M. T.; Zhang, Q.; Rivilla, V. M.
Star-Forming Filaments and Cores on a Galactic Scale 299 Francesco, J. D.; Keown, J.; Friesen, R.; Bourke, T.; Caselli, P.
Resolving the Structure and Kinematics of the Youngest HII Regions and Radio Jets from Young Stellar Objects 309 Galván-Madrid, R.; Beltrán, M.; Ginsburg, A.; Carrasco-González, C.; Liu, H. B.; Rodríguez, L. F.; Kurtz, S.
Understanding Massive Star Formation through Maser Imaging 321 Hunter, T. R.; Brogan, C. L.; Bartkiewicz, A.; Chibueze, J. O.; Cyganowski, C. J.; Hirota, T.; MacLeod, G. C.; Sanna, A.; Torrelles, J.
New Frontiers in Protostellar Multiplicity with the ngVLA 333 Tobin, J. J.; Sheehan, P.; Johnstone, D.
Exploring Protostellar Disk Formation with the ngVLA 345 Tobin, J. J.; Sheehan, P.; Johnstone, D.; Sharma, R.
Magnetic Fields in Forming Stars with the ngVLA 357 Hull, C. L. H.; Carrasco-González, C.; Williams, P. K. G.; Girart, J. M.; Robishaw, T.; Galván-Madrid, R.; Bourke, T.
Imaging Stellar Radio Photospheres with the Next Generation Very Large Array 369 Carilli, C. L.; Butler, B.; Golap, K.; Carilli, M. T.; White, S. M.
Deuteration in Starless and Protostellar Cores 381 Friesen, R. K.; Beltrán, M. T.; Caselli, P.; Garrod, R. T.
Massive and Evolved Stars with the ngVLA 389 Maccarone, T. J.; Caballero-Nieves, S.; Smith, N.; Lützgendorf, N.
Planetary Nebulae 395 Kastner, J. H.; Zijlstra, A.; Balick, B.; Sahai, R.
Probing Strong Binary Interactions and Accretion in AGB Stars with the ngVLA 403 Sahai, R.
A Six-Dimensional Tomographic View of Galactic Star-Formation 411 Loinard, L.; Reid, M. J.
Galaxy Ecosystems   
Radio Continuum Emission from Galaxies: An Accounting of Energetic Processes 421 Murphy, E. J.; Condon, J. J.; Alberdi, A.; Barcos-Muñozarcos, L.; Beswick, R. J.; Brinks, E.; Dong, D.; Evans, A. S.; Johnson, K. E.; Kennicutt Jr., R. C.; Linden, S. T.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Pérez-Torres, M.; Schinnerer, E.; Sargent, M. T.; Tabatabaei, F. S.; Turner, J. L.
Radio Recombination Lines from HII Regions 431 Balser, D. S.; Anderson, L. D.; Bania, T. M.; Dickey, J. M.; Roshi, D. A.; Wenger, T. V.; Wilson, T. L.
How Do Cold Gas Outflows Shape Galaxies? 441 Bolatto, A. D.; Armus, L.; Leroy, A. K.; Veilleux, S.; Walter, F.; Mushotzky, R.
Accreting Supermassive Black Holes in Nearby Low-Mass Galaxies 451 Nyland, K.; Alatalo, K.
Radio Jet-ISM Feedback on Sub-Galactic Scales 457 Nyland, K.; Mukherjee, D.; Lacy, M.; Prandoni, I.; Harwood, J. J.; Alatalo, K.; Bicknell, G.; Emonts, B.
Unwinding Star Formation a with Next-Generation Galactic Plane Survey 465 Rosolowsky, E.; Ginsburg, A.; Leroy, A.
Neutral Atomic Hydrogen in the Local Universe 471 Pisano, D.; Walter, F.; Stanimirović, S.
Gas Density Across the Universe 483 Leroy, A. K.; Bolatto, A.; Kepley, A.; Meier, D.; Wong, T.
Extreme Scattering Events and Symmetric Achromatic Variations 491 Vedantham, H. K.
Molecular Clouds in Galaxies 499 Leroy, A. K.; Bolatto, A.; Rosolowsky, E.; Schinnerer, E.
Precision Gas-dynamical Mass Measurement of Supermassive Black Holes with the ngVLA 509 Boizelle, B. D.; Nyland, K.; Davis, T. A.
Accurate Probes of Density and Temperature in Star-Forming Gas 517 Wong, T.; Meier, D. S.; Rosolowsky, E.
Astrometry and Long Baseline Science 523 Reid, M.; Loinard, L.; Maccarone, T.
Galaxy Formation and Evolution   
Imaging Molecular Gas at High Redshift 535 Carilli, C. L.; Shao, Y.
The Star Formation History of the Universe 551 Barger, A. J.; Kohno, K.; Murphy, E. J.; Sargent, M. T.; Condon, J. J.
[CII] 158μm Emission from z ≥ 10 Galaxies 557 Carilli, C. L.; Murphy, E. J.; Ferrara, A.; Dayal, P.
Cold Gas in High-z Galaxies: The Molecular Gas Budget 565 Decarli, R.; Carilli, C.; Casey, C.; Emonts, B.; Hodge, J.; Kohno, K.; Narayanan, D.; Riechers, D.; Sargent, M.; Walter, F.
Cold Gas in High-z Galaxies: The Dense ISM 575 Decarli, R.; Carilli, C.; Casey, C.; Emonts, B.; Hodge, J.; Kohno, K.; Narayanan, D.; Riechers, D.; Sargent, M.; Walter, F.
Cold Gas in High-z Galaxies: CO as Redshift Beacon 581 Decarli, R.; Carilli, C.; Casey, C.; Emonts, B.; Hodge, J.; Kohno, K.; Narayanan, D.; Riechers, D.; Sargent, M.; Walter, F.
The Molecular High-z Universe on Large Scales: Low-Surface-Brightness CO and the Strength of the ngVLA Core 587 Emonts, B.; Carilli, C.; Narayanan, D.; Lehnert, M.; Nyland, K.
Young Radio AGN in the ngVLA Era 595 Patil, P.; Nyland, K.; Harwood, J. J.; Kimball, A.; Mukherjee, D.
Probing Obscured Massive Black Hole Accretion and Growth since Cosmic Dawn 603 Rujopakarn, W.; Nyland, K.; Kimball, A. E.; Prandoni, I.
From Megaparsecs To Milliparsecs: Galaxy Evolution and Supermassive Black Holes with NANOGrav and the ngVLA 611 Taylor, S. R.; Simon, J.
High-resolution Imaging of Radio Jets Launched by Active Galactic Nuclei: New Insights on Formation, Structure, and Evolution Enabled by the ngVLA 619 Lister, M. L.; Kellermann, K. I.; Kharb, P.
Imaging Cold Gas to 1 kpc Scales in High-Redshift Galaxies with the ngVLA 629 Casey, C. M.; Narayanan, D.; Carilli, C.; Champagne, J.; Hung, C.; Davé, R.; Decarli, R.; Murphy, E. J.; Popping, G.; Riechers, D.; Somerville, R. S.; Walter, F.
An ngVLA Wide Area AGN Survey 639 Kirkpatrick, A.; Hall, K.; Nyland, K.; Lacy, M.; Prandoni, I.
The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect from Quasar and Starburst Winds 649 Lacy, M.; Chatterjee, S.; Chakraborty, A.; Mason, B.; Sarazin, C.; Kimball, A.; Nyland, K.; Rocha, G.; Rowe, B.
Characterizing Feedback Through Molecular Outflows Across Cosmic Time 657 Spilker, J.; Nyland, K.
Probing Dark Matter and Galaxy Evolution with Proper Motions of Galaxies 663 Maccarone, T. J.; Gonzalez, A. H.
A Formaldehyde Deep Field 669 Darling, J.
The Formation and Evolution of Black Holes in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy   
Supermassive Black Hole Pairs and Binaries 677 Burke-Spolaor, S.; Blecha, L.; Bogdanović, T.; Comerford, J. M.; Lazio, J.; Liu, X.; Maccarone, T. J.; Pesce, D.; Shen, Y.; Taylor, G.
Compact Binary Mergers as Traced by Gravitational Waves 689 Corsi, A.; Frail, D. A.; Lazzati, D.; Carbone, D.; Murphy, E. J.; Owen, B. J.; Sand, D. J.; O'Shaughnessy, R.
Radio Emission from Short Gamma-ray Bursts in the Multi-messenger Era 701 Lloyd-Ronning, N.
Revealing the Galactic Population of Black Holes 711 Maccarone, T. J.; Chomiuk, L.; Strader, J.; Miller-Jones, J.; Sivakoff, G.
Local Constraints on Supermassive Black Hole Seeds from a Next Generation Very Large Array 719 Plotkin, R. M.; Reines, A. E.
Accretion and Jets in Local Compact Objects 727 Coppejans, D. L.; Miller-Jones, J. C.; Körding, E. G.; Sivakoff, G. R.; Rupen, M. P.
Tidal Disruption Events 737 van Velzen, S.; Bower, G. C.; Metzger, B. D.
Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Cluster Systems 743 Wrobel, J. M.; Miller-Jones, J. C. A.; Nyland, K. E.; Maccarone, T. J.
Science with Pulsar Timing Arrays and the ngVLA 751 Chatterjee, S.
Offset Active Galactic Nuclei 763 Blecha, L.; Brisken, W.; Burke-Spolaor, S.; Civano, F.; Comerford, J.; Darling, J.; Lazio, T. J. W.; Maccarone, T. J.
Serendipitous Fast Transient Science with the ngVLA 773 Law, C. J.; Bower, G. C.; Burke-Spolaor, S.; Butler, B. J.; Demorest, P.; Lazio, T. J. W.; Linford, J. D.
Flares from Coalescing Black Holes in the Centimeter-Wavelength Transient Sky 781 Ravi, V.
Cosmology and Fundamental Physics   
Galactic Center Pulsars with the ngVLA 793 Bower, G. C.; Chatterjee, S.; Cordes, J.; Demorest, P.; Deneva, J. S.; Dexter, J.; Kramer, M.; Lazio, J.; Ransom, S.; Shao, L.; Wex, N.; Wharton, R.
Weak Gravitational Lensing with CO Galaxies 803 Bull, P.; Harrison, I.; Huff, E.
Extragalactic Proper Motions: Gravitational Waves and Cosmology 813 Darling, J.; Truebenbach, A.; Paine, J.
H2O Megamaser Cosmology with the ngVLA 821 Braatz, J.; Pesce, D.; Condon, J.; Reid, M.
Back Matter 827