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Paper: Unwinding Star Formation a with Next-Generation Galactic Plane Survey
Monograph: 7, Science with a Next Generation Very Large Array
Page: 465
Authors: Rosolowsky, E.; Ginsburg, A.; Leroy, A.
Abstract: The ngVLA will enable for efficient surveys of a large fraction of the Galactic plane in a suite of molecular gas tracers from the 3mm band, including both low (CO) and high (HCN, HCO+, N2H+) critical density transitions. The key motivation for a next generation Galactic Plane survey is spanning a wide dynamic range of scales at high sensitivity. Such a survey will determine the connections between the kiloparsec scale galactic processes like feedback and instabilities down through the turbulent cascade to the thermal scales where individual stellar cores form (0.1 pc). While current facilities must stitch together these effects over different regions, only the ngVLA will have the mapping efficiency required to map square-degree areas with the 1″ resolution to deduce how galactic physics regulates all aspects of star formation.
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