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Paper: Stellar Emission as a Source of Flux Bias in Debris Disks
Monograph: 7, Science with a Next Generation Very Large Array
Page: 171
Authors: White, J. A.; Aufdenberg, J.; Boley, A. C.; Hauschildt, P.; Hughes, A. M.; Matthews, B.; Moór, A.; Wilner, D. J.
Abstract: Our understanding of stellar atmospheres and our ability to infer architectures of extrasolar planetary systems rely on understanding the emission of stars at sub-millimeter to centimeter wavelengths. In this chapter we describe how unconstrained stellar emission can interfere with the accurate characterization of circumstellar debris. The ngVLA is the only facility with the sensitivity that allows for the observations of a broad range of stellar spectral types in a feasible amount of time. The observations will enable the building and testing of accurate models of stellar emission, which in turn are required for evaluating both the occurrence and abundance of debris over the proposed wavelength range of the ngVLA.
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