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Paper: Radio Emission from Short Gamma-ray Bursts in the Multi-messenger Era
Monograph: 7, Science with a Next Generation Very Large Array
Page: 701
Authors: Lloyd-Ronning, N.
Abstract: We examine the expected radio emission from short GRBs detectable by the ngVLA, guided by the observed distributions of their afterglow parameters. We give estimates for the peak emission from both the forward and reverse shock, as well as the late-time off-axis jet emission. In the context of neutron star merger model for short GRBs, we also estimate the radio emission from the dynamical ejecta of these double neutron star systems. The latter two quasi-spherical radio emission components are particularly important given the advent of gravitational wave (GW) detections of binary compact object mergers. We discuss how the ngVLA has potential to shed light on the physics behind short GRBs, and estimate the fraction of GRBs detectable in the radio that may be coincident with a GW signal from a neutron star (NS) merger.
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