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Paper: A Conception of Engineering Design for Remote Unattended Operation Public Observatory
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 21
Authors: Han, J.; Fan, D.; Cui, C.; Wang, C.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Li, Z.; Xu, Y.; He, B.; Li, C.; Tao, Y.; Yang, S.
Abstract: Public observatory project is playing more and more important role in science popularization education and scientific research, and many amateur astronomers also have began to build their own observatories in remote areas. As a result of the limitation of technical condition and construction funds for amateur astronomers, their system often breaks down, and then a stable remote unattended operation system becomes very critical. Hardware connection and control is the basic and core part in observatory design. Here we propose a conception of engineering hardware design for public observatory operation as a bridge between observatory equipment and observation software. It can not only satisfy multiple observation mode requirement, but also save cost.
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