Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII

Volume: 522 Year: 2018 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Pascal Ballester, Jorge Ibsen, Mauricio Solar, and Keith Shortridge
ISBN: 978-1-58381-931-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-932-6

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Front Matter   
Front Matter 1
Part I. Diversity and Inclusion   
Moving Towards Greater Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Astronomy 3 Lorente, N. P. F.; Péron, M.; Mink, J.
Part II. Education and Citizen Science   
VO for Education: Virtual and Remote Observing 9 Iafrate, G.; Ranella, M.
IAU WG, Data-Driven Astronomy Education and Public Outreach, Current Status and Working Plans 17 Cui, C.; Li, S.
A Conception of Engineering Design for Remote Unattended Operation Public Observatory 21 Han, J.; Fan, D.; Cui, C.; Wang, C.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Li, Z.; Xu, Y.; He, B.; Li, C.; Tao, Y.; Yang, S.
Divulgation Design for the Chilean Virtual Observatory 25 Ramirez, M.; Solar, M.
Part III. HPC for Astronomy and Data Reduction   
Are we There Yet? Experiences from Developing and Commissioning the High Performance Computing (HPC) System for the ASKAP Telescope 31 Guzman, J. C.; Bastholm, E.; Raja, W.; Whiting, M.; Mitchell, D.; Voronkov, M.; Ord, S.
ORCS: a Post-processing Software for the Wide Field Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer SITELLE 41 Martin, T.; Drissen, L.
Cosmological Simulations in Exascale Era 45 Goz, D.; Tornatore, L.; Taffoni, G.; Murante, G.
High Performance Astronomical Data Analysis towards Exascale 49 Taffoni, G.; Goz, D.; Tornatore, L.; Frailis, M.; Maggio, G.; Pasian, F.
TensorFit: A Tool to Analyze Spectral Cubes in a Tensor Mode 53 Farias, H.; Solar, M.; Nunez, C.
Towards Large-scale RoI Indexing for Content-aware Data Discovery 57 Araya, M.; Caceres, R.; Gutierrez, L.; Mendoza, M.; Ponce, C.; Valenzuela, C.
PyMUSE: a Python Package for VLT/MUSE Data 61 Pessa, I.; Tejos, N.; Moya, C.
Part IV. Human Computer Interaction   
TOPCAT: Working with Data and Working with Users 67 Taylor, M. B.
Aladin Desktop v10: a New Interface for a Better Usage 77 Gómez-Morán, A. N.; Fernique, P.
Astroes: An Elasticsearch Plugin for Searches on the Celestial Sphere 81 Vera, I.; Micol, A.; Delmotte, N.; Forchì, V.; Fourniol, N.; Hainaut, O.; Lange, U.; Khan, A. M.; Retzlaff, J.; Romaniello, M.; Sisodia, D.; Stellert, M.; Stoehr, F.; Zampieri, S.
Multi-archive Query at the CADC: One-stop Shopping for the World's Astronomical Data 85 Gwyn, S.; Willott, C.; Kavelaars, J.; Durand, D.; Fabbro, S.; Bohlender, D.; Gaudet, S.; Dowler, P.; Jenkins, D.
ESASky v. 2.0: All the Skies in your Browser 89 Merín, B.; Giordano, F.; Norman, H.; Racero, E.; Baines, D.; Salgado, J.; López-Martí, B.; Alberola, S.; López-Caniego, M.; Valtchanov, I.; de Marchi, G.; Arviset, C.
Boosting the Science Data Discovery and Access Capabilities of the ESO Science Archive Facility 93 Micol, A.; Delmotte, N.; Forchì, V.; Fourniol, N.; Hainaut, O.; Lange, U.; Kahn, A. M.; Retzlaff, J.; Romaniello, M.; Sisodia, D.; Stellert, M.; Stoehr, F.; Vera, I.; Zampieri, S.
The MAST API: Accessing Space Telescope Data Programmatically 97 Brasseur, C.; Rogers, T.; Donaldson, T.; Tollerud, E.; Smith, A.; Phillip, C.
Spectra Analysis Software — LAMOST VIEW 101 Song, Y.; Zhang, J.; Luo, A.
Categorisations of Object Types in SIMBAD 105 Oberto, A.; Loup, C.; Allen, M.; Bot, C.; Cambrésy, L; Derrière, S.; Genova, F.; Gómez-Morán, A.N.; Ocvirk, P.; Siebert, A.; Bernd, V.
DACE: Web Page Transfer Optimizations and Faithful Data Visualizations 109 Alesina, F.; Buchschacher, N.; Ségransan, D.
Interactive Submission of Data to be Published in VizieR 113 Landais, G.; Ocvirk, P.; Michel, L.; Derrière, S.; Allen, M.
ipyaladin: Enabling Aladin Lite in Jupyter Notebooks 117 Boch, T.; Desroziers, J.
Aladin Interface to DAL Services Compliant with Most Recent DAL Protocols 121 Chaitra, C.; Fernique, P.; Bonnarel, F.; Boch, T.; Yapici, I.
The CDS Cross-match Service: Key Figures, Internals and Future Plans 125 Pineau, F.; Boch, T.; Derrière, S.; Schaaff, A.
Minimal Re-computation for Exploratory Data Analysis in Astronomy 129 Nikolic, B.; Small, D.; Kettenis, M.
Using PostgreSQL for Efficient Handling of HEALPix-based Skymaps 133 Nullmeier, M.
The Enrichment and Consolidation of the Planck Legacy Archive in its Final Release 137 Colomo, E.; Fernández, M.; López-Caniego, M.; Baines, D.; Merín, B.; Salgado, J.; Arviset, C.
ESA Heliophysics Science Archives: Interoperability through IVOA Standards 141 Cook, J.; Martinez, B.; Pérez, H. H.; Fernández, M.; Teodoro, P.; Osuna, P.; Masson, A.; Arviset, C.
3D Visualisation of Large Datasets in a Web Browser, Focus on the Server Side 145 Schaaff, A.; Desroziers, J.; Adam, N.; Ouerghi, M. E.; Lespingal, P.; Steinmetz, A.; Deparis, N.; Gillet, N.; Aubert, D.; Ocvirk, P.; Pineau, F.
Data Management in the Euclid Scientific Archive System 149 Nieto, S.; Altieri, B.; Salgado, J.; de Teodoro, P.; Giordano, F.; Merín, B.; Arviset, C.
The Data Lab Discovery Tools 153 Huang, W.; Olsen, K.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Norris, P.
Sky Viewer Investigations for LSST EPO 157 Peterson, J. M.; Bauer, A. E.; Emmons, B.; Bruner, R.; Watkins, J.; Gonzalez, T.; Wellings, P.
Using AladinLite and HiPS as a Visual Frontend in Traditional Archive Interfaces 161 McGlynn, T.; Pelletier, B.; Smale, A.; McDonald, L.
JWST FITS Keyword Dictionary 165 Boyer, C.
Proper Use of Visualisation Principles for the GUI of SKA Control Rooms 169 Alberti, V.; Brajnik, G.
Part V. Operating Large-scale Observatories   
LOFAR: Lessons Learned from 5 Years of Operation of a Software Telescope 175 Renting, G. A.; Mol, J. J. D.; Holties, H. A.; Annyas, J.; Shulevski, A.
One Year Processing a Billion Stars for Gaia DR2, a Day-to-Day Operational Challenge 179 Jean-Antoine-Piccolo, A.; Guiraud, J.; Panem, C.
Agile Software Engineering and Systems Engineering at SKA Scale 183 Santander-Vela, J.
From ESPRESSO to the Future – Analysis of QSO Spectra with the Astrocook Package 187 Cupani, G.; Calderone, G.; Cristiani, S.; D'Odorico, V.; Taffoni, G.
A Study of the Efficiency of Spatial Indexing Methods Applied to Large Astronomical Databases 191 Berriman, G. B.; Good, J. C.; Shiao, B.; Donaldson, T.
Gaia DR2 in the Making 195 Lammers, U.; Brown, A.; Gracia, G.
Provenance as a Requirement for Large-scale Complex Astronomical Instruments 199 Servillat, M.; Boisson, C.; Lefaucheur, J.; Kosack, K.; Sanguillon, M.; Louys, M.; Bonnarel, F.
Renewing the XMM-Newton Pipeline and SAS
Python Solution
203 Perea-Calderón, J.; Rodriguez-Pascual, P.; Ojero-Pascual, E.; Tomás, L.; Gabriel, C.
ALMA Road to the Clouds 207 Zambrano, M.; Parra, J.; Simmonds, M.; Schemrl, A.; Arredondo, D.; Barrientos, A.; Gonzalez, N.; Malet, B.
Tracking Integration Status: Integration Trackers and the ALMA Dashboard 211 Plarre, K.; Hales, A.
Data Structures and Algorithms for Pixel History for the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel 215 Borncamp, D.; Bourque, M.; Grogin, N.
Astronomical Scheduling in the Era of Big Observatories 219 Toledo, I.; Martin, S.; Carrasco, R. A.; Ferrer, J. C.; Avarias, J.; Trigo, M. D.; Hoffstadt, A.; Tejeda, A.
Part VI. Astronomy Simulation   
Extracting Insights from Astrophysics Simulations 225 Goldbaum, N. J.
HYPERCAT- Hypercubes of AGN Tori 235 Nikutta, R.; Lopez-Rodriguez, E.; Ichikawa, K.; Levenson, N. A.; Packham, C.
CASSIS, a Complete Spectral VO-Tool Package 239 Caux, E.; Boiziot, M.; Bottinelli, S.; Glorian, J.; Kovac, B.; Vastel, C.
Chronology of Tübingen's Contributions to the Virtual Observatory 243 Rauch, T.; Hoyer, D.
Fringe Correction Wide Field Camera 3 247 Kurtz, H.; Sabbi, E.; Gennaro, M.
Part VII. Astronomical Network and Data Center Infrastructure   
Astronomical Network and Data Center Infrastructure in the Age of Massive Data Transfer, Docker, Agile Development, and DevOps 253 Dabin, C.; Zacchei, A.; Sauvage, M.
The CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive 263 Huynh, M.; Dempsey, J.; Whiting, M. T.; Ophel, M.
Image Archives Made Easy with Docker and ImageX 267 Young, M.; Gopu, A.; Perigo, R.; Hayashi, S.
International Networking in support of Extremely Large Astronomical Data-Centric Operations 271 Bezerra, J.; Arcanjo, V.; Ibarra, J.; Kantor, J.; Lambert, R.; Kollross, M.; Astudillo, A.; Sobhan, S.; Jaque, i. S.; Petravick, D.; Morgan, H.; Lopez, L.
ALMA API: a Collaborative Effort etween Software and Science department of ALMA Observatory to Provide Advanced Scientific Services under a Microservices Architecture 275 Aguirre, A.; Gonzalez, S.
SciServer: a Collaborative Workspace for Data Analysis, Sharing and Storage in the Cloud 279 Taghizadeh-Popp, M.; Lemson, G.; Kim, J.; Rippin, M.; Raddick, J.
XingFS: A Distributed File System for Astronomical Big Data 283 He, B.; Fan, D.; Cui, C.; Xiao, J.; Li, C.; Li, S.; Han, J.; Tao, Y.; Mi, L.
Data Query and Cross-matching on Distributed Database 287 Fan, D.; Su, H.; Lu, Y.; He, B.; Cui, C.
The Geographically Distributed Hybrid Cloud Computing Framework in China-VO 291 Li, C.; Cui, C.; Xu, Y.; He, B.; Fan, D.; Mi, L.; Li, S.; Yang, S.; Han, J.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.
Datalink in PyVO 295 Demleitner, M.; Becker, S.
Design, Build and Test of the VOEvent Network for the SVOM Chinese Ground Segment 299 Zhang, M.; Huang, M.; Wu, C.; Cui, C.
DACE: Backend Infrastructure for Data Transfer, Storage, Exchange and Computations through the Web Platform 303 Buchschacher, N.; Alesina, F.; Ségransan, D.
Gaia Archive for Data Release 2: Expanding the Astronomical Phase Space 307 Salgado, J.; nez, J. G.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, R.; Segovia, J. C.; Durán, J.; Racero, E.; Bakker, J.; Mora, A.; Baines, D.; Merín, B.; Arviset, C.
Describing Astronomical Time Series in VizieR 311 Derrière, S.; Boch, T.; Gómez-Morán, A. N.; Landais, G.
Challenges of Standardizing and Supporting ITC Services in a Widely Distributed Project: ITC Design of the LSST Summit-Base Complex 315 Kantor, J.; Lambert, R.; Huffer, M.; Johnson, A.; Lim, K.; Dubois-Felsmann, G.; Schumacher, G.; Withers, A.; Domagala, P.; Petravick, D.; Goodenow, I.
Distributed Real-time Data Stream Analysis for CTA 319 Brügge, K.; Egorov, A.; Bockermann, C.; Morik, K.; Rhode, W.
Docker-based Implementation for an Astronomical Data Analysis Cloud Service 323 Diaz, M.; Araya, M.; Jauregui, C.; Valenzuela, C.; Pizarro, L.; Osorio, M.; Solar, M.
Interoperable Geographically Distributed Astronomical Infrastructures: Technical Solutions 327 Bertocco, S.; Major, B.; Dowler, P.; Gaudet, S.; Taffoni, G.; Pasian, F.
Data Delivery Architecture for MeerKAT and the SKA 331 Aikema, D.; Frank, B.; Simmonds, R.; Grange, Y.; Sánchez-Expósito, S.; Gaudet, S.; Goliath, S.
Agile Development of Science Operations:
The Solar Orbiter Experience
335 Garcia-Reinaldos, M.; Marcos, J.; Sánchez, L.
A New Reporting Web Application for IVOA Services Validation 339 Savalle, R.; Sidaner, P. L.; Normand, J.
Managing Data Storage for Large Volume Instruments: Experience with Hyper Suprime-Cam at Subaru Telescope 343 Jeschke, E.; Kackley, R.; Inagaki, T.
SciServer: a collaborative workspace for data analysis, sharing and storage in the cloudResource Access Control in SciServer 347 Lemson, G.; Rippin, M.; Taghizadeh-Popp, M.; Kim, J. W.
Use of Docker for Deployment and Testing of Astronomy Software 351 Voutsinas, S.; Morris, D.; Hambly, N. C.; Mann, R. G.
The Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys Quick-Look Application 355 Bourque, M.; Ogaz, S.; Viana, A.; Durbin, M.; Grogin, N.
Using Containers to Deploy Services on Arbitrary External Infrastructure 359 Major, B.; Ouellette, J.
Birds of a Feather Session on Science Platforms 363 O'Mullane, W.; Sosey, M.; Siddiqui, H.; Dubois-Felsmann, G.; Lemson, G.; Arviset, C.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Momcheva, I.; Fabbro, S.; Major, B.
Birds of a Feather Session on Software Metadata: How Much is Enough? 367 Allen, A.; Teuben, P.; Berriman, G. B.; DuPrie, K.; Shortridge, K.; Warmels, R. H.
ESAC Science Archives and ESASky 371 Arviset, C.; Baines, D.; Arevalo, M.; Barbarisi, I.; Besse, S.; de Marchi, G.; Fernandez, M.; Martinez, B.; Masson, A.; Merín, B.; Salgado, J.; Sarmiento, M. H.
Part VIII. Machine Learning   
Astroinformatics: a New Disciplin or Business as Usual? 377 Polsterer, K. L.
Convolutional Neural Networks in Astronomy, and Applications for Diffuse Structure Discovery 381 Peek, J. E. G.; Jones, C. K.; Hargis, J.
Machine Learning Approaches for Detection and Classification of Astrochemical Spectral Lines 385 Barrientos, A.; Solar, M.; Mendoza, M.
The Application of Machine Learning Methods in the CADC's Advanced Search Service 389 Teimoorinia, H.; Kavelaars, J.; Gwyn, S.; Durand, D.; Willott, C.
Stellar Parameters with Deep Learning 393 Fabbro, S.; Venn, K.; O'Briain, T.; Bialek, S.; Kielty, C.; Jahandar, F.; Monty, S.
Novelty Detection in Search of Anomalous Objects within the WISE All Sky Survey 397 Solarz A., Bilicki M., Pollo A.
Application of Artificial Neural Networks for the Automatic Stellar Spectral Classification 401 Villavicencio-Arcadia, E.; Navarro, S. G.; Corral, L. J.
Neural Networks for Estimating Galaxy Redshifts from a Multi-Band Photometric Astronomical Survey 405 Muralikrishna, A.; Junior, W. A. d. S.; dos Santos, R. D. C.
Clustering Analysis on LAMOST Galaxy Spectra 409 Zhang, J.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Y.; Chen, X.
Multiframe Blind Image Deconvolution using BKWV and TREG Estimators 413 Gauci, A.; Abela, J.; Cachia, E.; Hirsch, M.; Adami, K. Z.
Smart Control of Monte Carlo Simulations for Astroparticle Physics 417 Bunse, M.; Bockermann, C.; Buss, J.; Morik, K.; Rhode, W.; Ruhe, T.
Automated Spectral Classification of Galaxies using Machine Learning Approach on Alibaba Cloud AI platform (PAI) 421 Tao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Cui, C.; Zhang, G.
AstroCV - A computer Vision Library for Astronomy 425 González, R. E.; Muñoz, R. P.
Measurement/Simulation Mismatches and Multivariate Data Discretization in the Machine Learning Era 431 Börner, M.; Hoinka, T.; Meier, M.; Menne, T.; Rhode, W.; Morik, K.
Athena X-IFU Event Reconstruction: Extreme Learning Machine Approach 435 Ceballos, M. T.; Cobo, B.
Birds of a Feather Session on Machine Learning in Astronomy 439 Polsterer, K. L.
Part IX. Algorithms and Software for Radio   
New Challenges in Radio Interferometry 445 Kern, J. S.
Deep Learning for Supernova Remnants Detection and Localization 451 Liu, W.; Yu, X. C.; Wang, B. Y.
Combining Single Dish and Interferometric Data: a New Tool in CASA 455 Teuben, P.; Koda, J.
A Robust and Fast Algorithm for ALMA Local Oscillator Power Amplifiers Optimization 459 Siringo, G.
A Public Data Archive for the Italian Radio Telescopes 463 Zanichelli, A.; Knapic, C.; Simona, R.; Mauro, N.; Stagni, M.; Bedosti, F.; Bartolini, M.; Sponza, M.; Orlati, A.; Smareglia, R.
High-performance Pipeline Processing for ASKAP 469 Whiting, M. T.
Skynet's Suite of Processing Algorithms for Single-dish Radio Telescopes 473 Martin, J.; Reichart, D.; Dutton, D.; Maples, M.; Berger, T.; Haislip, J.
Improved Acceleration of the GPU Fourier Domain Acceleration Search Algorithm 477 Adámek, K.; Dimoudi, S.; Giles, M.; Armour, W.
Implementation of a New Code Generator, Based on Eclipse Modeling Framework, for the Antennas Control Devices of the ALMA and LLAMA Observatories 481 Martínez, C.; Avarias, J.; Galeas, P.
The NOEMA Correlator Software 485 Broguière, D.; Blanchet, S.; Chavatte, P.; Garcia, R. G.; Gentaz, O.
Part X. Open-source Software   
Community-oriented Programming in Astronomy: Astropy as a Case Study 491 Tollerud, E. J.
It's a Long Way... from Private Ground-based Gamma-ray Data to Public Release: Open-data, Open-source Tools, First Real TeV Data Release from H.E.S.S. 497 Boisson, C.; Contreras, J. L.; Deil, C.; Hassan, T.; Jouvin, L.; Khelifi, B.; King, J.; Lefaucheur, J.; Mohrmann, L.
Wrapping and Deploying Legacy Astronomical Code into Python Environments: an Applied Case Study 501 Villanueva, M.; Valenzuela, C.; Sanchez, M.; Araya, M.
A Heterogeneous Fusion System for Astronomical Data 505 Zhang, Y.; Han, B.; Zhong, S.; Zhao, Y.
The Exoplanet Characterization Toolkit 509 Hill, M. J.; Lewis, N.; Stevenson, K.; Fraine, J.; Batalha, N.; Bruno, G.; Filippazzo, J.; Fowler, J.; Pueyo, L.; Rajan, A.; Valenti, J.; Wakeford, H.
ATACAMA, A Tool seArChing for lArge lyMan Alpha Nebula 513 Hibon, P.; Thomas, R.
Conceptualizing Astronomic Spaces 517 Kollasch, F.; Kuhn, W.
Stingray Software The Code of the Spectral-timing Revolution: Black Holes, a Library, and a GUI 521 Migliari, S.; Balm, P.; Vallés, R.; Bachetti, M.; Huppenkothen, D.; Stevens, A.; Guainazzi, M.; Kuulkers, E.
Gammapy – an Open-source Python Package for γ-Ray Astronomy 525 Lefaucheur, J.; Deil, C.; Donath, A.; Jouvin, L.; Khélifi, B.; King, J.
GDL Today: Reaching a Viable Alternative to IDL 529 Duvert, G.; Coulais, A.; Schellens, M.
Spectroscopic Data Reduction Pipeline for the Goodman High Throughput Spectrograph 533 Torres-Robledo, S.; Briceño, C.; Quint, B.; Sanmartim, D.
Data Reduction Tools for Fabry-Perot Observations at the SOAR Telescope 537 Quint, B.; Amram, P.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.
Modern Python at the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 541 Jenness, T.
Provenance Tools for Astronomy 545 Sanguillon, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Louys, M.; Nullmeier, M.; Riebe, K.; Servillat, M.
Using the PLC and Modern Algorithms to Detect Clustering and Associations in Nearby Galaxies 549 Feinstein, C.; Baume, G.; Rodríguez, M.; Vergne, M.
Gemini and IRAF Data Reduction Software in AstroConda 553 Turner, J. E. H.; Hunkeler, J. S.; Labrie, K.
Part XI. Observatory Operations Software   
Quality Software: What does it Mean? 559 Rees, N.
Building the Software Test and Integration Lab for the Thirty Meter Telescope: a Cloud-based Approach 567 Laity, A. C.; Bennett, C. L.; Burt, W.; Harbut, M.; Imel, D.; Joliet, E.; Ramirez, S.; Schurr, S. D.; Swain, M. A.
Software Simulation of Instrumental Hardware at AAO 571 Shortridge, K.; Farrell, T.
The Evolution of the Simulation Environment in the ALMA Observatory 575 Shen, T.; Soto, R.; Saez, N.; Velez, G.; Staig, T.; Sepulveda, J.; Saez, A.; Ovando, N.; Ibsen, a. J.
Deep MUSE Datacubes for the Community 579 Hanuschik, R.; Coccato, L.; Dobrzycka, D.; Wolff, B.
DRAGONS: One Pipeline to Rule them All 583 Labrie, K.; Cardenes, R.; Anderson, K.; Simpson, C.; Turner, J. E. H.
Optimisation of the Night Time at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope 587 Devost, D.; Mahoney, B.; Moutou, C.; Manset, N.; Burdullis, T.
The Recalibration of the UVES-POP Stellar Spectral Library 591 Borisov, S.; Chilingaria, I. V.; Rubtsov, E.; Ledoux, C.; Melo, C.; Grishin, K.
Data Accounting Checks in Gaia Processing 595 Siddiqui, H.; van Reeven, W.; Pozo, E. d.; Osinde, J.; Guerra, R.; Hutton, A.; Cheek, N.
Using JSON Schemes in a Microservice Context for the SVOM Mission 599 Michel, L.; Formica, A.; Févre, J. L.; Meesen, C.; Zurbach, C.
Supervised Classification of Software Problem Reports Characterized by Error Log Profiles 603 Miranda, N.; Gil, J. P.
A Novelty Method for Delay Detection based on Software Logs 607 Gil, J. P.; Russo, B.; Avila, A.
ALMA Software Building and Testing Procedures: Efforts towards Continuous Integration and Deployment 611 Hoffstadt, A. A.; Cornejo, S. R.
The Heliophysics Coverage Registry: An Integrated Metadata System for Coordinated, Multi-mission Solar Observatories 615 Hurlburt, N.; Timmons, R.; Seguin, R.
Service Oriented Architecture for Archive Replication 619 Durand, D.; Dowler, P.; Gaudet, S.; Major, B.; Durán, J.; B.McLean; Hargis, J.; Oberdof, O.
Quick and Accurate Data Reduction for Intermediate-resolution Echelle Spectrographs at Magellan 623 Chilingarian, I. V.
Monitoring of ALMA ONLINE Production Environment 627 Garcés, M.; Antognini, J.; Reveco, J.; Shen, T.
The High Level Data Reduction Library 631 Gabasch, A.; Modigliani, A.; Salmistraro, M.; Escartin, J. A.; Neeser, M. J.; Moehler, S.; Freudling, W.
Gemini Observatory Operations and Software for the 2020s 635 Miller, B. W.; Stephens, A. W.; Nuñez, A.
The ALMA Re-imaging Project Study 639 Stoehr, F.; Massardi, M.; Richards, A.; Gianetti, A.; Liuzzo, E.; Burkutean, S.; Rygl, K.; Bonato, M.
Notifications Design 643 DuPrie, K.; Cortese, A.
LSST Camera Electronic Traveler System for Tracking Test Procedures, Data, and Hardware 647 Dubois, R.; Bogart, J. R.; Borgland, A. W.; Chiang, J.; Focke, W. B.; Glanzman, T.; Johnson, A. S.; Kelly, H. M.
The XMM-Newton Data Processing Services for the Science Archive 651 Ibarra, A.; Sarmiento, M.; Colomo, E.; Loiseau, N.; Gabriel, C.
A Quarter-century (Almost) of Spectra from FAST 655 Mink, J.; Rhee, J.; Moran, S.; Brown, W.
Gemini Observatory Quality Assessment Pipeline (QAP) 659 Anderson, K.; Labrie, K.; Simpson, C.; Turner, J. E. H.
Revisiting the Real-time Requirements for the ALMA Control System 663 Amestica, R.; Brandt, P.; Marson, R.; Rosen, R.; Whiteis, P.
Next Generation GMRT Monitor and Control System 667 Kodilkar, J.; Kumthekar, V.; Uprade, R.; Kanade, C.; Katore, S.; Bhong, D.; Sherkar, S.; Nayak, S.; Gupta, Y.; Thigale, K.; Amin, B.; Pritesh, A.; Khatri, K.; Rajas, G.; Sarojini, B.; Patwari, P.; Banerjee, A.; Chaudhuri, S.; Swaminathan, N.
Pigwidgeon: Publication Tracking Software for Observatories 671 Graves, S. F.
A Tool to Visualize Antenna Movements Based on Operational Data 675 Carrasco, S.; Gil, J. P.; Galeas, P.
Design of JWST Associations: Automated Generation of Combined Products 679 Alexov, A.; Swade, D.; Bushouse, H.; Diaz, R. I.; DuPrie, K.; Eisenhamer, J.; Hack, W.; Kyprianou, M.; Levay, K.; Rahmani, C.; Swam, M.; Valenti, J.
JWST Data Management Subsystem Operations: Receiving, Processing, and Archiving JWST Data 683 Kaleida, C.; Kyprianou, M.; Burger, M.; Abney, F.
Unified Approach for Software Verification and Scientific Validation of the JWST Calibration Pipeline 687 Diaz, R. I.; Hill, M.
Birds of a Feather Session on Astronomical Data Representation Formats 691 Mink, J.
Part XII. Miscellaneous   
The SPARTAN Project : Combining Photometry and Spectroscopy in Galaxy Template Fitting 695 Thomas, R.
SkZpipe: A Python3 Module to Produce Efficiently Accurate PSF-Fitting Photometry with DAOPhot, and Much More 699 Mauro, F.
Discover and Access GAPS Time Series Prototyping for Interoperability 703 Molinaro, M.; Benatti, S.; Bignamini, A.; Claudi, R.
What can Open Clouds do for Astronomy? Interaction between the ASTERICS and EOSC Projects 707 Pasian, F.; Bertocco, S.; Holties, H.; van Meer, R. d.; Molinaro, M.; Taffoni, G.; Vermeulen, R.; Vuerli, C.
Asclepias: An Infrastructure Project to Improve Software Citation across Astronomy 711 Muench, A.; Accomazzi, A.; Nielsen, L. H.; Blanco-Cuaresma, S.; Henneken, E. A.; Ioannidis-Pantopikos, A.; Nowak, K.; Steffen, J.
MAXI and CALET Archives at DARTS 715 Ebisawa, K.; Sugawara, Y.; Tomida, H.; Ueno, S.; Furusho, T.; Nakahira, S.; Sugizaki, M.; Mihara, T.; Shidatsu, M.; Negoro, H.; Nakagawa, Y.; Serino, M.; Yoshida, A.; Sakamoto, T.; Kawakubo, Y.; Yamaoka, K.; Torii, S.; Asaoka, Y.; Angelini, L.
PDS4 LDDTool — Gateway to Information Modeling 719 Raugh, A. C.; Hughes, J. S.
cleanest: Useful Legacy Code for Cosmic Ray Removal 723 Cardiel, N.
The Authentication and Authorization INAF Experience 727 Tinarelli, F.; Zorba, S.; Knapic, C.; Jerse, G.
The Astrophysics Source Code Library: What's New, What's Coming 731 Allen, A.; Berriman, G. B.; DuPrie, K.; Mink, J.; Nemiroff, R.; Ryan, P. W.; Schmidt, J.; Shamir, L.; Shortridge, K.; Taylor, M.; Teuben, P.; Wallin, J.; Warmels, R. H.
Virtualization of the SOC XMM-Newton Real Time System 735 Quero, J. A.; Munoz, J. R.
Using GWCS to Create the World Coordinate System Models for JWST Wide Field Slitless Modes 739 Sosey, M.; Dencheva, N.
Back Matter   
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