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Paper: XingFS: A Distributed File System for Astronomical Big Data
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 283
Authors: He, B.; Fan, D.; Cui, C.; Xiao, J.; Li, C.; Li, S.; Han, J.; Tao, Y.; Mi, L.
Abstract: XingFS is a distributed file system special for astronomical big data. The system is based on Golang development, which fully absorb the existing distributed system research results, such as distributed architecture, RESTful style object storage model, multiple copies algorithm, massive small file merge storage, index algorithm, etc. In particular, XingFS makes a deep customization of some of the features of astronomical data, and develops data storage models such as hierarchical storage models, distributed main program systems, miniaturization or simplification of deployment patterns, and for different levels of application the interface, etc., but also defines a number of data archiving and management specifications. After a modular design, the distributed deployment allows the entire system to meet the needs of enough astronomers, telescope administrators, research managers, the public, and even the high-performance services required by the client.
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