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Paper: A Heterogeneous Fusion System for Astronomical Data
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 505
Authors: Zhang, Y.; Han, B.; Zhong, S.; Zhao, Y.
Abstract: We develop a heterogeneous fusion system, which consists of two function modules: AutoDB module and integration module. The AutoDB module is to automatedly create databases and sky partitioning index. The integration module realizes the cross-match task between MySQL databases with HTM (Hierarchical Triangular Mesh) index, cross-match between PostgreSQL databases with Q3C (Quad Tree Cube) index, and data integration between MySQL database and PostgreSQL database with HTM index. We compare the influence of different sky partitioning algorithms HTM and Q3C on data integration and the performance of cross-match based on different database types of MySQL and PostgreSQL. Our experimental results provide some guide on how to select an index method and database type. With the help of this system, astronomers may easily manage their data and cross-match catalogs.
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