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Paper: Gemini and IRAF Data Reduction Software in AstroConda
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 553
Authors: Turner, J. E. H.; Hunkeler, J. S.; Labrie, K.
Abstract: AstroConda is a repository of astronomy-related packages for the popular Anaconda Python distribution. It was started by STScI in 2015, to replace our previous joint software distribution, Ureka. From Anaconda we gain the “Conda” package manager, a complete SciPy stack, AstroPy, common dependencies such as GUI toolkits and an array of other free and open-source packages. This base provides AstroConda with greater flexibility than Ureka and more commonality with the wider community, while allowing us to focus resources on supporting specific tools for astronomical data reduction. Recently, we have finished re-working Ureka's IRAF and PyRAF distribution into some 35 separate conda packages, which can now be maintained and upgraded individually, patched the code to build on recent operating systems, added Gemini's latest IRAF and Python data reduction packages and (with contributions from the authors) integrated the Kepler/PyKE package. The result is a modern platform for working with astronomical data now and in future, as new Python software is released. Here, we give a brief Gemini- and IRAF-centric overview of AstroConda, its usage and how it compares with Ureka.
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