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Paper: Astroes: An Elasticsearch Plugin for Searches on the Celestial Sphere
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 81
Authors: Vera, I.; Micol, A.; Delmotte, N.; Forchì, V.; Fourniol, N.; Hainaut, O.; Lange, U.; Khan, A. M.; Retzlaff, J.; Romaniello, M.; Sisodia, D.; Stellert, M.; Stoehr, F.; Zampieri, S.
Abstract: We present astroes, an elasticsearch plugin we developed for ESO archive services, which provides spatial capabilities on the celestial sphere by incorporating a topology library that fully support spherical geometry. In addition, it provides the capability of aggregating information on the sky by using healpix as unit of aggregation. The new capabilities provided by this plugin, spatial search and spatial aggregation, and the already built-in features of the search engine provide a powerful back-end technology to build modern, fast and interactive astronomical archive services.
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