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Paper: Gaia DR2 in the Making
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 195
Authors: Lammers, U.; Brown, A.; Gracia, G.
Abstract: Gaia is ESA's space astrometry mission launched on 19 Dec 2013 into a Lissajous orbit around L2. Its main objective is to perform a stellar census of the 1000 million brightest objects in our galaxy (completeness to magnitude 20) from which an astrometric catalog of micro-arcsec level accuracy will be constructed. Through various talks and posters (e.g. Lammers et al. 2010; Lammers & Lindegren 2014; Lammers & O�Mullane 2015), ADASS participants have been kept up-to-date over the years on various aspects of the mission from development, launch, and the first operational years to the first public data release (DR1) in September last year (Gaia Collaboration et al. 2016) The processing consortium (DPAC) and ESA are currently preparing DR2 which will be significantly richer in contents and scope compared to DR1. This contribution characterizes DR2 and outlines some of the challenges and Lessons Learned in producing a catalogue that is unique and expected to be a treasure trove for astronomical research over many years to come.
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