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Paper: Multi-archive Query at the CADC: One-stop Shopping for the World's Astronomical Data
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 85
Authors: Gwyn, S.; Willott, C.; Kavelaars, J.; Durand, D.; Fabbro, S.; Bohlender, D.; Gaudet, S.; Dowler, P.; Jenkins, D.
Abstract: While VO services such as SIAP and SSAP allow astronomers to issue the same query to different data repositories programmatically, making a definitive seach of the world's archives is problematic for several reasons. Not all archives provide these VO services and of those that do, not all comply to the VO standards. While packages like Astroquery make it easier for astronomers to build a tool to query different archives, regardless of the presence or absence of a VO service, not all astronomers have the inclination to do so. Finally, if any of the many services being queried is unresponsive, the query will be incomplete. Therefore the CADC has embarked on a program of retrieving metadata from as many of the world's archives as possible and ingesting that metadata into the Common Archive Observation Model (CAOM). The queries can then be issued with the existing CADC search system that will return a list of observations, together with links to the data itself, not only of the CADC archive holdings but also those of other archives worldwide.
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