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Paper: Deep MUSE Datacubes for the Community
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 579
Authors: Hanuschik, R.; Coccato, L.; Dobrzycka, D.; Wolff, B.
Abstract: Since about 3 years, the MUSE spectrograph on ESO's VLT on Paranal provides high-quality spectro-image data. With a 1'x1' field of view and 300x300 spatial pixels, it provides datacubes with 90,000 spectra of 4,000 spectral bins each in one shot. Both in terms of data volume and complexity, processing of these data is rather challenging. We have set up a processing chain using the MUSE pipeline. With certified master calibrations, the raw data are processed into science-grade datacubes. In a first step the input data from one observation are processed. If multiple visits of the same target exist (true for more than 50% of the programmes), the data are combined in a second step into a deep datacube, improving the limiting magnitude of the cube and achieve the final signal-to-noise ratio as intended for the science case. More than 5,000 OB-based MUSE datacubes, and more than 400 deep MUSE datacubes are already available from the ESO archive portal. We will continue to process the entire MUSE data stream as new observations flow in.
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