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Paper: The ALMA Re-imaging Project Study
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 639
Authors: Stoehr, F.; Massardi, M.; Richards, A.; Gianetti, A.; Liuzzo, E.; Burkutean, S.; Rygl, K.; Bonato, M.
Abstract: In the first 6 years of ALMA operations, data for more than 1700 projects have been calibrated and manually imaged for quality assessment purposes before being delivered to the PI and being added to the ALMA Science Archive. However, imaging is a time-consuming process and therefore the data-reducers have only created image products for a small fraction of the original data for quality control purposes. We study the feasibility and cost of a potential ALMA Re-Imaging project which would use the newly developed ALMA imaging pipeline to create image products for all the existing data. We here report about the concept and the currrent state of this study.
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