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Paper: ALMA Software Building and Testing Procedures: Efforts towards Continuous Integration and Deployment
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 611
Authors: Hoffstadt, A. A.; Cornejo, S. R.
Abstract: The ALMA Observatory software counts roughly 11 millions lines of code, runs on about 350 hosts and is developed at 7 sites around the globe. The ALMA Software build strategy is focused on abstraction of compilation and linking procedures for non-programmers, but forgoes inter-dependency between subsystems, and their modules. Software building procedure used a monolithic approach. As the software grew in size, it became slow to build, taking in the worst cases 21 hours to get a product and any failure implied a start from scratch; also, a new software delivery process resulted in testing becoming a determinant factor in the acceptance of releases. These issues propelled us to search and implement new strategies of building and testing the system with different levels of granularity. Continuous integration and deployment were the chosen as software development practices, cutting down compilation times down to 5 hours, and enabling us to catch bugs during compilation and deployment efficiently. This poster presents the efforts done in the ALMA Integrated Computing Team to implement the best of what we can achieve of continuous integration and deployment practices, and its results.
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