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Paper: Aladin Interface to DAL Services Compliant with Most Recent DAL Protocols
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 121
Authors: Chaitra, C.; Fernique, P.; Bonnarel, F.; Boch, T.; Yapici, I.
Abstract: Version 10 of Aladin which is currently released is presented in another contribution of this ADASS meeting. There are a lot of new features of Aladin V10 detailed there, so our poster concentrates on the design and development of interfaces of Aladin with modern DAL services following specifications such as TAP1.0, SIAV2.0, SODA1.0 and DataLink 1.0. Firstly we present main functionalities developed for generating ADQL queries for TAP servers via a generic as well as a customised TAP interface (as in the case of Gaia). The second part of the poster will show how the new Multi-d DAL protocols can be integrated within Aladin creating a powerful data discovery, access and visualization tool. Examples integrating GAVO,CADC and CASDA services are used to illustrate this. The discussion part gathers hints for protocols implementations, suggestions for specification improvements as well as plans for future Aladin developments.
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