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Paper: Interoperable Geographically Distributed Astronomical Infrastructures: Technical Solutions
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 327
Authors: Bertocco, S.; Major, B.; Dowler, P.; Gaudet, S.; Taffoni, G.; Pasian, F.
Abstract: The increase of astronomical data produced by a new generation of observational tools poses the need to distribute data and to bring computation close to the data. Trying to answer this need, we set up a federated data and computing infrastructure involving an international cloud facility, EGI federated, and a set of services implementing IVOA standards and recommendations for authentication, data sharing and resource access. In this paper we describe technical problems faced, specifically we show the designing, technological and architectural solutions adopted. We depict our technological overall solution to bring data close to computation resources. Besides the adopted solutions, we propose some points for an open discussion on authentication and authorization mechanisms.
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