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Paper: Data Query and Cross-matching on Distributed Database
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 287
Authors: Fan, D.; Su, H.; Lu, Y.; He, B.; Cui, C.
Abstract: Cross-matching is a basic method to find corresponding objects in different datasets. The goal is to collect an object's observations in multi-wavelength or even multi-messengers, then astronomers could know more and do better research on the object. A simple way to cross-match is calculating the distance of two objects on sphere via geometrical formula. It takes a lot of time and does not fit for the big data. In order to do the calculation faster, we can put all the data into database, and make efficient indices e.g. Zones, HTM, HEALPix, Q3C, that how SDSS do on their SkySever and CasJobs. However, in big data era, the catalogs contain more than billion rows in a table, it is too big and hard to search efficiently. In this paper, we try to use distributed database to search and cross-match big catalogs. According to the performance, distributed relational databases could be a good alternative to store huge data. But the efficiency of cross-matching is still a problem.
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